Encouragement in a New Year

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Dallas, TX - With the turning of the year comes the breeze of new beginnings. This breeze can be refreshing, chilling, or unexpected. To some, a new year is exciting and an excuse to start over. To others, the New Year is less welcomed bringing along anxious feelings. However, no matter the approach to the new season, we can trust in God’s timing.

Solomon writes,

1“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV

God calls us to wait and be patient with His timing. His promises are true and unfailing. As Ecclesiastes 3:1 reads, there is a season for everything. We go through seasons of waiting, of doubt, and of grief. Maybe the New Year is not bringing just new beginnings but new seasons as well. Waiting can turn into answers, doubt can turn into confidence, and grief can turn into peace.

God is working in our lives even in the waiting. God’s character and His faithfulness are important for us to remember as followers of Christ. Just because we might be waiting for prayers to be answered does not mean there is not room for growth during the period of patience. God can still speak to us while we are waiting. Listen to Him, jump into the Word, and pray during this season. God’s timing is always perfect even if it is not quite what we imagined. No matter the season, God’s love stays the same.

In the song Seasons by Hillsong Worship, they beautifully praise,

"Like the frost on a rose, winter comes for us all, oh how nature acquaints us, with the nature of patience.”
As the New Year begins, find the beauty in patience. No matter what season we may be in, whatever happens is a part of God’s plan. As January comes around once again, remember God’s faithfulness and how He always answers our prayers. Have hope in the New Year and all of the seasons and blessings it is sure to bring.
Written by Rylee Goetzinger

Rylee Goetzinger serves as a student worker in the University Communications division at DBU.