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Knowledge empowers change. Our faculty, courses, and programs push students to gain new depth and take ownership of their journey. Our graduates leave prepared to make a difference and empower those around them to do the same.


Finding and applying Truth to your life requires forging a new path. We encourage students to live by principles and passionately follow their personal visions. We provide not only the training Patriots require, but the foundations of an encouraging and supportive community.


The integration of faith and profession is essential to true living. We offer students an example of Christ's love, teaching, and character applied in a professional context through our every action.


The classroom is a training ground. We offer a practitioner focused education that gives students proven problem solving and analytical skills they can readily apply across a diversity of career paths.


The breadth of our vision determines the expanse of our action. By offering students an understanding and experience of the international business world, we prepare them to create a new tomorrow.


You can only move forward from where you are. We meet students along the road of their spiritual, professional, and personal journeys. We take an interest in their specific experiences to more directly catalyze their long-term growth.


To step out in boldness, we must have confidence in our support. We are shepherds of a rich community of current students and alumni, encouraging a shared ethos centered of Christ-like grace, joy, and love.


An educated mind is nothing without an edified character. We encourage students to evaluate their principles and pursue unified purpose to bring balance and depth to their lives.


New connections and revealed significance compels growth. Through the content, environment, and method of our programs we affirm the possibilities that lie within our students and encourage them to find their purpose.