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The DBU Graduate School of Business is a Christ–centered organization of business practitioners, educators, alumni, students, and patriots. We believe that every individual has a call to pursue Truth and lead a life that creates change in the world. We catalyze one another to hold a higher standard of principle and wisdom and support one another as we go forward in the world. We are a community of difference makers.


The realization of the possibilities that lie within our students requires more than preparation of the mind. We ignite and kindle a fire within them for growth in every facet of their lives. By melding an environment of challenge with a community of support, we build the confidence, character, purpose, and personal vision, alongside the determined and practical professional capacity, that will allow them to create a new tomorrow.


Patriots are servant leaders of deep set purpose and emboldened action. Our graduates leave legacies that extend beyond personal accomplishment and stand on their principles regardless of circumstance. Our alumni, faculty, and students are not afraid to forge a new path in pursuit of a vision and are united by their drive to make a difference. There are unseen possibilities for our world. Patriots bring them into reality.


Our graduates are prepared for the globalized business world and possess vision beyond the immediate. They seek to create systemic change that reaches past their direct sphere of influence and appreciate the influences of culture and community on their life and work.


Our graduates make a difference. In their professions and personal lives, they have the experience and expertise to confidently handle problems and bring new possibilities forward in the midst of a challenge. They help those around them and catalyze their communities to higher aspirations. Our graduates are equipped to create the change they desire in the world.