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Leading the Nonprofit Organization Concentration

This concentration will provide current and aspiring practitioners within nonprofit organizations with cutting-edge leadership theories and the latest management and leadership tools that will be used to create high-performing organizations. Students master techniques for conceptualizing and applying in new creative ways what they learn through their studies with accomplished faculty as well as from relationships established with nonprofit practitioners within service-learning opportunities in each course. In addition to the extensive breadth and depth of practical business knowledge critical for success in both profit and nonprofit organizations that is gained through study in the MBA core course work, students will be immersed in the study of the practical implications and importance of strategic plans and tools they will devise for organizational effectiveness specific to the nonprofit in the areas of marketing, law, leadership, and accounting. This program of 36 required credit hours has been uniquely and carefully designed so that each course is linked in the development of strategies and skills critical to high performing nonprofit organizations. Upon graduation, students will be equipped to compete successfully as servant leaders in their chosen profession.


M.B.A. students must complete a minimum of 36 credit hours.

To satisfy minimum degree requirements, all single concentrations require a minimum of 36 credit hours, and dual concentrations require 48 credit hours. Students are responsible for not repeating courses waived, transferred, or previously taken.

M.B.A. Required Core Curriculum 24 hours


Leading the Nonprofit Organization Concentration Courses 12 hours

  • ACCT 6344
    Nonprofit Accounting, Resource Development and Fundraising
  • MANA 6348
    Legal Issues for Nonprofit Organizations
  • MANA 6349
    Creative Leadership for Nonprofit Organizations
  • MRKT 6340
    Marketing Strategy for Nonprofit Organizations (S-L)