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Current Professionals

Become more than a better professional. Become a difference maker. Our MBA, M.A. in Management, and M.S. in Management programs are designed to stretch you with real-world training, team challenges, and course material that expands beyond best practices. We want to enable you to leave a legacy of impact and give you a Christ-centered launching point for the rest of your career.

Flexible Program Structures

Meeting company goals and hitting deadlines is already a challenge. Mix in caring for a family or a passion for projects outside your career and your time is probably already stretched thin. We've designed our programs to fit into your life, not be in conflict with it. Mix online courses with in-person training, accelerate your program to be completed in 9 months, or attend classes at the campus that is closest to your home. All the while you can expect our practitioner-driven faculty to help you ensure that your degree program stays on track to meet your goals.

Practical Approach

You're already in the business world. You need practical training that will help you make an impact. Rather than expect you to take lessons away from the textbook, we offer countless opportunities to apply what you're learning. Each of our courses are designed to put you in the hot seat, force you to test what you're learning in real-world scenarios, and challenge you to better serve the organizations you're working with. Whether through working with local businesses during your courses or taking an international practicum in a foreign country, you will gain the practical experience necessary to compete while you're at DBU. Surrounded by a Christ-centered community that is built on servant leadership, you'll find the inspiration necessary to serve powerfully and the knowledge required to lead boldly. This is a place to expand your skill set and your confidence.

Career Opportunities

Walking alongside people that are driven by the same passion as you is instrumental to creating change. All of our programs are heavily attended by current professionals, business owners, and other leaders. The classroom itself is a chance to build new relationships and cement bonds through what you're achieving. The opportunities don't stop there. Our alumni network is a tight knit group of servant leaders who are always hungry to find others willing to help them change the world. Further, many of our faculty maintain positions in top-tier corporations, further expanding your post-graduation opportunities and network.