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International Students

International Students

Travel is central to an education for today's business world. But venturing into a new country for an MBA, M.A. in Management, or M.S. in Management adds personal challenges to an already rigorous educational environment. We believe that you, as an international student, have as much to offer our community as we have to offer you. 25% of all DBU MBA students join us from abroad and we are dedicated to creating a place where culture can be shared freely. In addition, our M.S. in Management is a STEM program, resulting in an extension of OPT for our graduates.

Practical Support

Worrying about how you will run daily errands as an international student shouldn't hold back your education. We have a group of staff dedicated to ensuring your needs are met while studying abroad. From transportation needs to medical care, we ensure that you are taken care of while you pursue a truly global education. Our staff help you make the most of your international experience.

Nurturing Environment

DBU is not simply an academic organization, it's a family. By attending our university, you are joining the DBU family. Throughout your time with us, you can expect personal attention from mentors and professors, the friendship of students dedicated to supporting one another, and the encouragement of a Christ-centered community.

Powerful Growth

Whether in the classroom or outside, the relationships you form will define your growth during your education. Our classes facilitate group activities and projects that encourage sharing cultures and expanding an appreciation of outside view points. By fostering an environment of support, we encourage students, faculty, and staff to experience the value of cultures outside their own.