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Entrepreneurship Concentration

Entrepreneurship has long been a major part of the United States’ economic structure. During downturns as well as periods of economic growth, entrepreneurship has typically flourished. The situation is no different today. Recent reports have indicated that hundreds of thousands of jobs in various sectors such as information systems and finance are going to be lost over the next two to three years to offshore companies, creating a wealth of new business opportunities for would-be entrepreneurs.

In order to meet the needs of individuals who desire to start their own companies, Dallas Baptist University offers a concentration in Entrepreneurship in its MBA program.

In the capstone course for the concentration, students will actually work with the owner(s) of entrepreneurial companies helping to develop then implement plans and procedures for the business.

Upon obtaining the degree, the student will have an actual business plan, a marketing plan, an operations manual, and a plan for raising capital, all developed with the assistance of highly qualified instructors.


M.B.A. students must complete a minimum of 36 credit hours.

To satisfy minimum degree requirements, all single concentrations require a minimum of 36 credit hours, and dual concentrations require 48 credit hours. Students are responsible for not repeating courses waived, transferred, or previously taken.

M.B.A. Required Core Curriculum 24 hours


Entrepreneurship Concentration Courses 12 hours

  • ENTR 6301
    New Business Creation
  • ENTR 6303
    Marketing and New Product Development for Entrepreneurs
  • ENTR 6304
    Strategy and Management of Growing Businesses
  • ENTR 6306
    International Entrepreneurship