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Conflict Resolution Management

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The Conflict Resolution Management Concentration will provide students with the practical experience and theoretical foundation they need in order to become effective at mediating conflict. The format of classes includes lectures, group discussions, and many practice mediation sessions. Following completion of the courses, the student will be qualified to perform court appointed mediations in Texas.


M.B.A. students must complete a minimum of 36 credit hours.

To satisfy minimum degree requirements, all single concentrations require a minimum of 36 credit hours, and dual concentrations require 48 credit hours. Students are responsible for not repeating courses waived, transferred, or previously taken.

M.B.A. Required Core Curriculum 24 hours


Conflict Resolution Management Concentration Courses 12 hours

  • CRMN 6310
    Conflict Resolution Management *
  • MANA 6342
    Employee Negotiations and Collective Bargaining *
  • CRMN 6320
    Advanced Family Mediation *
  • CRMN 6321
    Advanced Business Mediation *