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Master of Business Administration

The DBU Graduate School of Business MBA prepares students for visionary careers in today’s global business environment.

Our distinctive approach challenges students to build rigorous problem solving and analytical skills, versatile social aptitudes, and foundational business knowledge through practical, real-world projects. Specific learning foci include: creative leadership, customer relationship development, marketing, messaging and sales, culture innovation, and value-centric servant leadership.

For students with interest in more than one field of study or a specialized career path, we offer multiple dual degree programs.

Underpinning our MBA program is a team of practitioners and educators dedicated to empowering growth. Every member of our faculty places a premium on personal relationships and believes as much can be taken away from a mentorship as a class session. By learning directly from professionals, students gain valuable examples of what it takes to bring servant leadership to the heart of an organization.

The MBA program is directed by Dr. Sandra Reid, Chair of Graduate Business Programs.


Take your professional career to the next level with a dual degree. The DBU Graduate School of Business offers a number of dual degree options, combining a Master of Business Administration with master's degrees in global leadership, ministry, communication, or education.