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Prepare for your purpose on your own time, with flexible online programs from the Dallas Baptist University Graduate School of Business. Since 1998, DBU has offered accredited online learning that prepares you for the next level. Online courses offer you a convenient way to learn subject material, do research, take assessments, and communicate with professors and other students. Combined with on-campus studies or taken independently, the online courses are student-centered and designed to create a safe and effective online learning community.

The Online Program You’ll Complete.

The average completion rate for DBU’s online graduate business programs is 92%. Students from all over the world have found that the unique mix of rigorous online classroom experience, accessible faculty guides and mentors, and Christ-centered ethos have prepared them to face any future obstacle to work, life, and faith.

Features of the Online Program:

  • Mobile platform support
  • Web conferencing
  • Media on demand
  • Fully accredited
  • Financial aid available
  • Academic advisors
  • 24/7 “asynchronous learning”