Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration at Dallas Baptist University is designed to empower graduates to lead organizations, influence communities, and strengthen family bonds. This is a 36-hour master’s degree that can be completed in 24 months (or less) in a format that is conducive to building more than just a network, but a learning community. Your DBU MBA is an investment that could yield an eternal reward and will equip you as a values-driven decision-maker prepared for your calling.

More than an Education

A DBU MBA is the premium Christ-centered MBA, taught by exceptional faculty with real-world experience who are dedicated to student learning and development. Small class sizes (13:1 student to faculty ratio) provide an environment where professors invest individually in a mentoring relationship that facilitates learning. Because you are more than just your career, we’re committed to excellence in academics and exceptional investment in your personal development. We are a teaching institution by design, which means our professors' number one priority is to equip you to lead. We exist to prepare you for your moment of opportunity and provide you the support you need when facing your greatest challenges. Our flexible classes are built for the working professional. We provide an exceptional in-class experience with no time or place constraints. Our students enjoy the opportunity to attend classes in person or virtually, interchangeably at their convenience. Students get the same quality of instruction and interaction as the in-person experience, in a way that accounts for their busy lifestyle. This 36-hour, non-thesis master’s degree can be completed in 24 months in a format that is conducive to building more than just a network, but a community.

Marked by Service

At DBU we’re dedicated to your success. We believe that how you achieve is more important than what you achieve. This is why we’re passionate about our mission to produce Christ-centered servant leaders who with every lecture, assignment, project, and engagement, are being equipped to impact the world through their respective calling. An investment in a DBU MBA is an investment that can yield an eternal reward and can equip you for your calling as a values-driven decision-maker who’s prepared for your calling.

Interested in pursuing a Master of Business Administration at DBU? Click the link below to join us for an on-demand open house with our College of Business Faculty and Advisors.

"The DBU MBA provides an exceptional in class experience with no time or place constraint. Interact directly with leaders in the field, be personally mentored, be part of an inclusive cohort community, understand what it means to be a Christian leader, never be alone."

- Dr. Jonathan Wilson, Program Director
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Admission Requirements for the M.B.A.

Graduate Admissions will review the following criteria as it strives to take a holistic view of the applicant in order to determine the likelihood of success in the MBA program. All applicants for the DBU MBA program must meet the following criteria:

  1. A Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution.
  2. Evidence of sound moral character and compatibility with DBU’s mission.
  3. A likelihood of academic success as demonstrated by a GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale in all previous course work (Graduate Admissions may take into consideration the student’s performance in the last 60 hours of undergraduate course work and will review applicants with GPA’s below 3.0 holistically)
  4. Recommendation forms and professional resume’s will be reviewed as part of the holistic review.

View the Full Details on Holistic Review Process or Contact the Graduate School for additional information.

The Master's Degree Admission Committee strives to take a holistic view of the applicant in order to determine the likelihood for success in the MBA program. Applicants who show potential for graduate study, but do not meet the criteria for Full Admission may be admitted for up to 12 hours under Provisional status.

The admission requirements listed above are specific to this degree program and are supplemental to the Graduate School’s requirements for Full Admission. Admission to one graduate program does not guarantee admission to another. Applicants who show potential for graduate study, but do not meet the criteria for Full Admission, may be admitted for up to 12 hours under provisional status. Students admitted under Provisional Admission will be granted Full Admission upon successful completion of 12 credit hours and fulfillment of the conditions of their admission as determined by the Master’s Degrees Admission Committee.

Full Admission Requirements | International Admissions | Transfer Admissions

Our program provides many options for creating a custom degree to give you the most benefits to your career. Choose from one of 17 concentrations, pair your MBA with a second master’s degree, or pursue an advanced certificate to top off your diploma.


  • Accounting
  • Business Communication
  • Business Innovation Strategy
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Conflict Resolution Management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Health Care Management
  • International Business
  • IT and Innovation
  • IT Security for Managers
  • Leading the Nonprofit Organization
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Technology Engineering Management

Degree Plan

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* Contact us to learn about which courses you will need to begin this degree. We are structured to provide a top-quality MBA to students who come from all educational fields.

Is the DBU MBA a good fit with your career aspirations? In what ways will a DBU MBA leverage your education and vocational experience to meet your aspirations? What specific opportunities would a DBU MBA open up for you given your unique profile?

To answer these key questions, we are pleased to offer you a free resume evaluation. Using the data from your resume we would provide you with a tailored report that addresses questions, such as:

  • In what directions could a DBU MBA expand my career opportunities?
  • What effect could a DBU MBA have on my promotion prospects and earnings?
  • Could a DBU MBA satisfy my intellectual curiosity and expand my ability to work effectively cross functionally at the highest levels?
  • Is the DBU MBA flexible enough to meet the changing and demanding requirements of my vocation and family life?

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Alumni Testimonial


Steven Boyd

Legislative Correspondent - US Capitol

In my final semester in the DBU MBA program, I received a job offer in Washington DC from a United States Senator. As a Legislative Correspondent for Senator James Lankford, I handle the trade and foreign affairs portfolio.

DBU prepared me well for this assignment not only by providing me with the necessary tools and expertise to critically analyze trade data and financial information but also with the character formation and leadership skills to stand out as a light for Christ in our Nation’s Capitol. All careers are an opportunity to serve people. Whether you work for a major corporation, local non-profit, or the United States Senate, our task as Christian servant-leaders is to leverage our influence and skills to help others thrive and flourish. Make the most of every opportunity while you’re still a student. Use your status as an MBA student to request meetings or informational interviews with business and civic leaders whom you admire. Get out of your comfort zone and grab coffee with every professor and as many classmates as you can. You never know what you will learn from them or how you might help each other in the future! Life is all about relationships – lean into them to experience it fully.