DBU Internships: Turn Your Faith-Based Learning into Real-World Experience


Dallas Baptist University students are committed to prioritizing faith and learning during their time in the classroom and ultimately extending that Christ-centered education to their communities around the world. The internship programs at DBU offer students a unique opportunity to begin integrating that classroom knowledge with real-world applications.

Internship Opportunities to Develop Servant Leadership Skills at DBU

The Benefits of Internships

Students who complete a semester or summer internship in Dallas have a unique opportunity to connect their learning to our local community. The Dallas-Fort Worth area is home to such a diverse range of companies, organizations, and small businesses that students in every field can find a position that matches their goals. Because DBU has a strong relationship with many local companies, students can feel confident that they're accessing opportunities that will help them become lifelong learners.


The faculty leadership at DBU sets students up for success both in and out of the classroom, and networking with industry professionals during an internship can help students continue that mentorship well beyond graduation. For students in Communication programs, for example, a Dallas news internship is a chance to meet professionals in the area who can help with job placement and guidance after graduation. Developing these connections is essential as students leave campus and begin to share their faith and learning with local communities.

Paid Work Experience

Many internships listed on the DBU Handshake system are paid positions. Gaining relevant field experience that comes with a paycheck is essential for some busy students who need to maximize the impact of their work. For our international students who are not permitted to work off campus, a job that fulfills an internship requirement can be an exception to this rule.

Real-world Training

There are some skills students cannot fully learn in the classroom. Shadowing professionals and working alongside other leaders in the field provides real-world training for DBU students who are eager to translate their knowledge into action. Our students want to make a real difference in the world as they share their Christ-centered education with others.

Beginning an Internship in Dallas

Students at DBU have the opportunity to complete internships in the Dallas area during their undergraduate and/or graduate programs. Bridging the gap between coursework and career placement can be a tricky time for some students, so DBU's Career Services offers workshops, on-site Career Expos hosting 50+ diverse companies, and guidance to ensure that everyone is ready to leave campus and serve the community.

For most students, finding a place to intern starts with creating an account on the Handshake system, which connects students with potential employers. Once students find a placement, they'll submit the relevant paperwork to their advisors and begin work. For students who enroll in internship courses offered through some programs, faculty will help guide the process.

Handshake provides an incredible opportunity for students to explore hundreds of virtual events hosted by various Fortune 500 companies. Whether you are seeking intern insights with Ernst & Young, an interview preparation webinar hosted by leadership from Disney, or desire to attend a virtual career fair with McKinsey & Company, DBU's Career Services team can assist you take advantage of this powerful resource.

Program-specific Internships

Requirements and opportunities for internships vary by school and program at DBU. The Center for Career and Professional Development is always available to help students find placements, including those who aren't required to complete internships for their program.

Graduate School of Business

Many programs in the Graduate School of Business require internship courses; some over several semesters. The general Graduate Internship course allows students to explore their career interests while getting real-world experience and finding areas of needed growth.

Some programs, like Master of Science in Information Technology, offer substantial student support during internship preparation. Professional Development workshops every semester give students a chance to hone skills like resume writing and LinkedIn navigation. Student organizations host monthly events that include training from industry professionals at companies like Microsoft and Goldman Sachs. The department also hosts an Ambassador program where students represent the program to various industry bodies in DFW, including Tech Titans, ALPFA Dallas, and Cyber Future Foundation.

College of Education

Students pursuing a degree from the College of Education must meet school requirements for graduation as well as Texas state certification requirements. Student teaching experiences are an integral part of this training, and DBU undergraduates can expect to find placement in a variety of school settings. The opportunity to practice integrating learning with direct service to our youngest Dallas community members is a purposeful way for College of Education students to fulfill their calling even before graduation.

Bachelor's Degree Programs

Many of the undergraduate-level degrees offered at DBU require at least one semester of internship or practicum work, depending on the concentration students choose. Still others offer internship credit as an elective during a student's upper-level years. Some of the most popular internships are in the following areas:

For students who are passionate about transforming their communities and sharing Christ-centered knowledge in real-world settings, the internship opportunities available at DBU are an excellent way to gain valuable work experience and advance your career.

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