Dallas Baptist College Alumni Share Their Super Bowl Tradition

DBC Alumni Super Bowl friends standing outside

David, Craig, Les, and Kevin met during their freshman year at Dallas Baptist College in the fall of 1976, and the four met Richard the following year. They all lived together in Williams Hall throughout their time at DBC. Four marriages and 15 children later, the five of them have remained close friends ever since.

picture of faded blues brothers paper

Throughout their four years at DBC, the friend group made many memories. From working on the grounds team, helping with the student newspaper, going door-to-door singing Christmas carols in July, and some irresponsible adventures during snowy weather on campus, they were always having fun and making memories. One year, Kevin won the coveted title of Mr. Big Chief, which is now known as Mr. Patriot! Their most memorable experience was when the group formed a parody band named the "Faded Blues Brothers" and somehow headlined a sold-out concert in the cafeteria. They remembered being in way over their heads, but they cherish that memory to this day.

alumni black and white group photo

After the group graduated in 1980, they began a yearly tradition of meeting at Craig's house to watch the Super Bowl. David said, "We first met at Craig's house because he always had the biggest screen hooked up with big speakers, even before those were cool! His wife, Diane, would graciously put up with it all: food and everything." Since then, the group has gathered nearly every year to watch the big game. David continued, saying, "This tradition further sealed an already tight bond among our group of friends going all the way back 45 years and counting."

Now, every Friday, a few members of the group meet on campus for lunch at The Union Grille to catch up and reminisce on their good times at Dallas Baptist College. Be sure to stop in and say hello if you see them! When asked what has kept their friendship so strong for all this time, the group shared that they grew to be brothers during their time at DBC. Doing life together, sharing values, and being united in Christ have kept the group united through the years.

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Written by Cameron Billings

Cameron Billings is the Assistant Director of Written Content in University Communications at Dallas Baptist University.