Assistant Professor of Digital Art and Graphic Design Kenneth Koester Joins the DBU Faculty

headshot of Kenneth Koester standing outside in Dallas

This is Professor Koester's first semester at DBU in the Department of Communication in the College of Fine Arts. As an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design and Digital Photography, he teaches courses on the History of Graphic Design, Advertising Design, Lettering & Typography, and Graphic Design 1. He also serves as Director of the Graphic Design and Digital Photography programs.

"Being at DBU is a blessing, and I can't say enough about my fellow faculty and the administration making me feel so welcomed. It is so fulfilling to teach at a university like DBU. Teaching at a secular university had its challenges, but I was always open to students that I was a conservative Christian and had several opportunities to witness to them. At DBU, it has been a blessing to integrate faith into the classroom. Along with the relevant inclusion of Scripture in lectures and assignments, I like to share faith-based music that inspires me and pray for the students."

Professor Koester believes that teaching is as much about encouraging students as it is about being demanding of them. "In the classroom, I set the bar high for the level of work expected while always making good design seem possible and attainable for each student."

Ken Koester was raised by two loving and supportive parents in a Christian home in neighboring Oak Cliff. The family attended a Lutheran church, and he was very involved in the church throughout childhood, teenage, and adult life. The pastor had the ability to connect the Gospel to children, particularly young adults, which made an impact on his faith. However, even though he knew Christ as a little child, he began pursuing a deeper relationship with the Lord as a teenager, serving as president of the youth group Teens United in Fellowship (TUF).

Professor Koester completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising Art and Design from the University of Texas in Arlington (UTA) and his master's degree in Visual Communication from Texas A&M University–Commerce. Following graduation from UTA, he embarked on a successful career in graphic design, working for major design firms, advertising agencies, and web design companies in the DFW area, even launching his own design firm, Koester Design, in 2008.

"Graphic design is a deadline-intensive and ego-driven industry," says Professor Koester. "So, it was easy to get caught up in the 'look at me!' or 'I am the greatest!' attitude that creative success and award recognition can perpetuate. To remain focused on Jesus and less on myself has been challenging but important in shaping my life and hopefully my character."

Professor Koester and his wife, Janet, were married in 2005. They have one daughter, Keli, who is married with two daughters. The Koesters are currently searching for a Baptist church to join but have previously been covenant members of The Door Church in Lewisville, where they were involved in Bible studies, discipleship groups, and served with various outreach events.

Written by University Communications