GSOM November Commissional Corner: Alumni Darbi Moore

darbi moore

Darbi Moore grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California at Hume Lake Christian Camps, where her parents worked in full-time ministry. Darbi recalled that even though she heard the gospel message daily as a child, it was not until high school that she fully understood Jesus' grace and how His grace directed her life's purpose. She shared, "It was when I began to see the reality of sin in the world that I saw the greater aim to bring God glory with all of me and decided to follow Him wholeheartedly." In discussing her relationship with the Lord, Darbi shared how the Lord has been faithful to her in every season of her life. She explained, "He has been faithful to provide individuals who have discipled me and pushed me towards Him while showing me love and mercy."

Darbi graduated from the Graduate School of Ministry with her Master of Arts in Global Leadership with a concentration in English as a Second Language and her Advanced Certification in English as a Second Language earlier this year. When asked what the most important lesson was while getting her MAGL degree, Darbi recalled that the program taught her to be curious about people and their stories. She shared that she uses this curiosity to grow her understanding of the person so she can spread the message of hope. The MAGL program also showed her that God has a heart for the nations. She soon realized the call to make disciples of all nations began when she said yes to Jesus. She said, "It does not begin when we make a 2,000-mile journey, nor once we master another language. Once we say yes to Jesus, He is quick to provide people for us to share the good news."

The MAGL program helped Darbi see that she was limiting how God could use her. She initially thought of missions in terms of her location. After asking God to open her eyes to those around her, she could see people from unreached places around her. She shared, "Living missionally-minded has transformed how I see people and cherish the opportunity to get to know those who live in similar circles as me."

Volunteering with the Local Outreach Ministry at her church, Darbi works with immigrants and internationals to teach them beginner ESL classes. She hopes this ministry will build relationships that will lead to gospel conversations. Darbi explained, "This role primarily came from the prayer I asked God when I entered the MAGL program to provide opportunities to apply skills from my MAGL concentration of teaching English to Second Language Learners in meeting practical needs so the gospel could be shared."

Darbi advised MAGL students, "Do not limit the scope of Gospel change to your career. Find ways to apply daily theology and missiology lessons and use your gifts and strengths right where God has positioned you." She concluded, "I am grateful to see God use the things I have learned in the program on both large and small scales and experience the beauty in living out the Great Commission."

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