DBU Faculty Publications 2022-23

faculty publications

The following is a list of featured publications from our esteemed faculty for the 2022-23 academic year.

Gary Alford, Adjunct Professor of Management Systems

Christina Chen, Professor of Statistics and Chinese and Dr. Joanne Hix, Professor of Management

Travis Dickinson, Professor of Philosophy

Jonathan Kim, Professor of Christian Education 

Joseph Matos, Professor of Biblical Studies

Sara Burt, Adjunct Professor of English

Keith Loftin, Professor of Philosophy

Philip Mitchell, Professor of English, Director of the University Honors Program

Mike Williams, Senior Professor of History 

  • Articles: “William J. Simmons: Theologian of the Noble Soul” and “Karen O’Dell Bullock: Baptist Historian, Story Keeper and Storyteller.” Common Call: The Baptist Standard Magazine.

Note: No digital link is currently available to the above articles by Mike Williams.

Mark Bloom, Professor of Biology

Jeffrey Kramer, Adjunct Professor of Chemistry 

Marcus Goodloe, Adjunct Professor of Leadership 

Grant Byrd, Adjunct Professor of Student Ministry

Tom Vann, Professor of Christian Ministry

Written by Dr. Michael Whiting

Dr. Michael Whiting is the Director of Written Content in University Communications at Dallas Baptist University.