DBU Welcome Will Witt for Veritas Event

Will Witt speaking at Veritas

On the evening of Tuesday, October 25, Dallas Baptist University was honored to host Will Witt in Piper Hall as the keynote speaker for the latest Veritas event. Veritas is a lecture series that invites off-campus thought leaders to speak to students on a variety of subjects. Witt is a media personality, national speaker, short film director, cultural commentator, and the author of How to Win Friends and Influence Enemies.

Witt began his college career at the University of Colorado Boulder before he left college and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career in politics and media. He began working with PragerU, producing various videos and amassing over 700 million views. Currently, he lives in Florida where he is editor-in-chief of The Florida Standard. He travels across the country speaking to college students about conservative values and faith.

The event began with an introduction and a prayer by DBU's Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Jay Harley. Witt began his talk by telling a few stories of his experience speaking at secular universities, mentioning how he has been frequently harassed and maligned. He also spoke about his time in Colorado where the police were called in because he was speaking on stage without wearing a mask. He went on to speak about the overall current climate of the world, and briefly touched on the conflict in Ukraine and the state of persecution around the world.

Overall, though, he said that the actual war around us is a war for the ability to speak truth. He discussed how many today are too concerned with what other people think of their values. According to Witt, "You can't sacrifice truth for the sake of other people's opinions and feelings. If you won't do the things you actually believe in, then why believe in them in the first place?"

He closed his speech with this encouragement: "As long as you don't sacrifice your values, support the truth, and honor God, we can get out of this."

Written by Cameron Billings

Cameron Billings writes for the University Communications department at Dallas Baptist University.