Seeing Criminal Justice through the Lens of Scripture: DBU Welcomes Mark Brown as Director of William B. Dean M.D., Institute for Criminal Justice Leadership

Mark Brown

"Crime occurs for a variety of reasons, but according to the Bible, our sinful nature is the root cause. The Bible provides origin, cause, and effect sequences of criminal behavior and it's interesting to dive into criminology from a biblical perspective."

As criminal justice continues to be at the forefront of our world's conversation, it is imperative that believers boldly step out into positions that deeply need the light of Christ. Dallas Baptist University is excited to welcome Mark Brown as the Director of the William B. Dean M.D., Institute for Criminal Justice Leadership. DBU aims to place educated individuals into the criminal justice system, all for the glory of Christ, and Professor Brown desires to help do exactly that.

Prof. Brown spent most of his childhood in Temple, Texas, under the guidance of his parents alongside his brother Tony. After graduating high school, Prof. Brown launched into his collegiate studies. Prof. Brown obtained an Associates of Science from Jacksonville College in Jacksonville, Texas, in 1992. He then began attending DBU in the Spring of 1994 where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Religious Education one year later. In May of 2000, Professor Brown graduated from University of Texas at Tyler with his Master of Arts in Communication. As his career in law enforcement progressed, Prof. Brown pursued his Master of Criminal Justice from Tarleton State University, which he obtained in May of 2019.

After serving vocationally as a student minister and worship leader throughout his college years, Prof. Brown felt the Lord shifting him out of full-time ministry and into law enforcement. He began in county law enforcement before transitioning to federal law enforcement, where he worked until retiring in September of 2021.

In addition to his role as director, Prof. Brown also serves on campus as an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and as Chair of the DBU Criminal Justice Program. In the past, Prof. Brown has taught courses in Criminal Procedure and is currently teaching Victim/ Victimization and Criminal Law. "My philosophy of teaching can be summed up quite simply: God made all of us in His image and calls us to worship Him through our educational pursuits," Prof. Brown shares. "I believe theory without practicality is futile."

"From a historical perspective, criminal justice as a field is being examined and reconstructed on so many levels," says Prof. Brown. "Having dedicated believers in key positions is important because we can provide insight and influence that is only present through an understanding of God's expectations for dwelling together in unity."

While the Criminal Justice Program at DBU is widely known across the DFW metro area and throughout the southern states, Prof. Brown's goal is to make the program more broadly known across America. "We offer a unique experience for students who desire to enter the criminal justice field in that we individually prepare them to deal with issues from a servant leadership approach and with a Christian perspective," Prof. Brown explains. "Graduates of DBU's Criminal Justice Program are currently serving in a variety of positions and represent the program very well."

Professor Brown's late brother Tony introduced Mark to his wife on a blind date in January of 1994. The two were married on January 11, 1997, in DeSoto, Texas. Kim is a 1996 DBU graduate and currently teaches special education in Midlothian, Texas, where the Browns currently reside. After trying for many years to have a child, the Browns ultimately decided to pursue adoption in 2008. After fostering their oldest son for a year, the couple officially adopted Bradley in 2012. "God has a sense of humor," Prof. Brown says, "because Kim gave birth to Brody in May 2012, so I am the proud father of two very healthy, active young men."

The Brown family attends First Baptist Church Red Oak where Prof. Brown plays guitar for the worship team, is a member of the safety team, and is involved in their ministry which serves the community, S.M.A.R.T. Professor Brown is currently a Ph.D. student in Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Public Administration at Tarleton State University with plans to complete his doctoral work in 2023.

Written by Emmalie Ellis

Emmalie Ellis writes for the University Communications department at Dallas Baptist University.