Becoming a Christ-Centered Leader in the World of Business: Caleb Rogers Completes Summer-Long Internship with Amazon

Caleb Rogers

"Though intense and difficult, I loved growing through my internship with Amazon. I can confidently say I am a better leader and servant of the Lord because of this job."

Dallas Baptist University desires for all Patriots to exit the classroom ready to be the light of Christ in whatever office, classroom, church, or beyond the Lord calls them to while displaying exceptional understanding in their field of study. This past summer, DBU undergraduate student Caleb Rogers was given the opportunity to put his coursework into action and serve as an L4 Area Manager Intern with Amazon. Now, after reflecting on everything he learned this summer, Caleb is eager to share his experience with the DBU Family.

Caleb Rogers is currently a senior from Lubbock, Texas, planning to graduate this December with his Bachelor of Business Administration. Prior to this summer, Caleb has served on campus as a student worker in the Student Life Office, for the Vice President of Student Affairs, and for the Baptist Student Ministry. Caleb has also served as a Resident Assistant in the dorms, the social chair of Pi Theta Tau fraternity, as a 2022 SWAT Week Captain, and as the Vice President of the Spikeball Club on campus.

Earlier this year, an Amazon recruiter reached out to Caleb through LinkedIn. After responding to the message, Caleb was offered a position as an intern at one of Amazon's sites in the DFW area. "I was drawn to this opportunity because of my desire to experience a different work environment," Caleb shares. "I knew this experience would challenge me and take me out of my comfort zone which, to me, was compelling."

As an L4 Area Manager Intern, Caleb led 60-80 associates in the Amazon delivery station on a daily basis, aiming to improve productivity and the customer experience. "I was able to accomplish this by helping the associates reach benchmark goals, keeping the delivery station's volume flow at a consistent pace, and emphasizing a safe workspace at all times," Caleb says.

Caleb faced a wide variety of career-growing experiences throughout his time at Amazon, including learning how to navigate working nearly 50 hours a week on the night shift, leading associates ranging from the ages of 25-60, and handling conflict amongst the associates.

"The School of Business at DBU prepared me for this internship with the many courses I have taken and through the professional mentors I have met." Caleb is especially thankful for his time spent in the classroom with Dr. David Chase in his Organization Behavior course and Dr. Justin Gandy in his Strategies/Problem Management course.

"Dr. Gandy has been a professional mentor for me during my time at DBU, and I am very grateful for the wisdom he has given me to be a better Christian in the workplace," Caleb shares. "Professor Rick Jordan was also extremely helpful during my time as an intern, as he guided me through questions and concerns that I had on a weekly basis."

Though his internship duties were demanding and his hours proved to be tiring, Caleb explains that the most challenging part of this internship was the fact that he was the only Christian in the Amazon site he was at (or the only one willing to admit it). "While this was extremely difficult, it gave me an amazing opportunity to be a light for the Lord in a broken place," Caleb says. "The passage beginning in Matthew 5:14 helped me along this journey, reminding me that God's light cannot be hidden no matter how hard the world tries to cover it up. There were many times where I was either laughed at or written off because of my faith; however, living obediently to Christ was worth the temporary discomfort I experienced."

Throughout his internship, Caleb was able to see first-hand how a large-scale company performs its everyday activities. "With opportunities such as presenting a project to stakeholders and attending weekly meetings with site management, I was able to see how older leaders operate in a professional work environment," Caleb explains. "I also observed the practices of coercive leaders who were not respected throughout the warehouse. I witnessed both sides of influence, and committed to leadership practices I felt were healthy and beneficial for the people around me."

As he enters into his last semester as an undergraduate student, Caleb reflects back on his time on University Hill. "There has been so much I have learned throughout my time at DBU," Caleb shares. "I am most thankful that I have learned more about God's character each year I have been here."

"The only concrete plan I have post-graduation is to be obedient to Christ," Caleb shares. "I am most excited to continue learning. I love new experiences and learning different skills, so I am eager to see how my gifts and qualities will coincide with new opportunities that arise." While he has a number of options to consider pursuing after graduating this December, Caleb is leaning on the Lord, confident that He will open the right doors, guide his steps, and use him to glorify the name of our Savior.

Written by Emmalie Ellis

Emmalie Ellis writes for the University Communications department at Dallas Baptist University.