Faithful in His Calling: College of Business Alum Mitchell Cantwell

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DBU has a well-known reputation of preparing Christian students to be leaders that will transform the world once they leave the hill. As someone who spent his formative years gaining both an undergraduate degree and an MBA through a Christ-centered education, Mitchell Cantwell has since emerged as a highly influential and impactful leader in his workplace today.

Mitchell Cantwell earned his bachelor's degree in Marketing under the College of Business. His time there was filled with growth and insight from his professors who had a big impact on Mitchell during his 4 undergraduate years. Dr. Sandra Reid, Dr. Dave Arnott, and Professor Kimberly Bates were among the many who helped Mitchell excel in his academia.

"Professor Bates was the best accounting teacher ever," Mitch explains. "I don't think anyone enjoys accounting (except for accounting majors and even then, I'm still skeptical) but she made it enjoyable for all."

Mitchell graduated with his bachelor's degree in December of 2018 and with his MBA in April of 2021. He currently works as a Market Analyst at Holt Lunsford Commercial in Dallas, a commercial real estate company. His role as a Market Analyst is to assist the Dallas Industrial team on all fronts.

While the scenery has changed for Mitchell, the principles he learned in the classroom remain the same in his work.

Always Be Willing to Serve Others

"Seeking others' needs as more important than your own is difficult to do. Day in and day out I saw my boss putting his own agenda aside so that he could serve others. The response I saw from other people and the respect that others had for him was so impactful to me."

Ora et Labora

"Pray and work. Pray as if every single thing depends on God and work as if every single thing depends on me. Hard work is the great equalizer and has so much biblical foundation to it."

Mitchell enjoys his work right now thanks in large part to the people he works with. "I work with some of, if not the, best commercial real estate brokers in the city of Dallas and I would even say the country," he says.

Mitchell attributes the principles he learned at DBU to not only helping him to enjoy and excel in his classes at DBU but to also now help him to enjoy and excel in his work at Holt Lunsford.

Mitchell's encouragement to current students, especially in the College of Business, is to start now.

According to Mitch, "Start preparing now, because if you wait too long, you may miss a great chance. Our city needs young, Christian people in every field to help change the world. Be on the offensive and go out and get whatever it is you are wanting to accomplish—don't wait for it to come to you."

Mitchell's impact at Holt Lunsford and beyond is just beginning as he continues to work as unto the Lord, serving others before himself, and working to the best of his ability. While Mitchell's time at DBU was just a few years, the principles he learned and knowledge he gained will last him a lifetime.

Written by Brooks Anthony

Brooks Anthony writes for the University Communications Department for Dallas Baptist University.