Two Chunks & a Hunk, LLC: DBU Alumni Host Rising Movie Review Podcast

Two Chunks

The amusingly titled “Two Chunks & a Hunk” podcast began with three DBU graduates – Justin “Doz” Dozier, Jordan Wonders, and David Blease – who shared a common affection for the world of cinema and for conversations centered around movies. When David stepped away as co-host in March of 2018, Carter Willis, DBU’s Director of M.A. in Communication and Assistant Professor of Communication, joined the crew. Another DBU alum, Adam Stout, serves as the podcast's sound engineer. This month will mark the podcast’s three-year anniversary.

Two episodes are released each week, and while most of the content provides engaging and often comical reviews of movies – now having dissected over 150 separate films – almost 100 of their 250 episodes are dedicated to movie news and homebrew movie games.

“Movie-making is very much an art to be interpreted uniquely by any and all who consume,” says Willis.

Yet one of the motivations behind the podcast was to fight against the cultural toxicity of contemporary movie critics. Doz, Jordan, and Carter aim, especially, to present a more wholesome conversation and critique that engages a broad audience.

Their rating systems, what they call “The Scientific Cinema Scale,” is practical and rates movies on a scale ranging from “Buy That Poster” to “God Has Forsaken Us,” with “Buy It,” “Rent It,” “Stream It,” and “Forget It,” in between.

Die-hard fans of the podcast are called “Chunkies,” and an active Patreon account for just $3 per month gives patrons access to exclusive episodes, website content, and an extra vote during semi-frequent, audience-sourced movie series. Their successful Patreon account and fan support has even allowed the hosts to open a business account and officially become Two Chunks LLC, “a massive milestone for a grassroots podcast,” says Willis.

Additional notable milestones include surpassing 100,000-lifetime downloads, a stint in the top 25 TV/Film Review podcasts on iTunes, an endorsement from current NASCAR pro-Jesse Iwuji, and a strangely coincidental relationship with Melissa Joan Hart. During a special 2018 Christmas Hallmark series, Two Chunks wrote a movie script and shared it on one December episode, which included the title (“Feliz Navidad”) and the should-be star (Mario Lopez). In the spring of 2020, Melissa interestingly announced that her production company would release a movie during the 2020 holiday season starring Mario Lopez entitled “Feliz Navidad”! (The hosts have attempted to reach out to the former teen star to no avail.)

The hosts have no intention of slowing down and look forward to someday hosting live events, bagging bigger guests, and becoming official movie critics with Rotten Tomatoes.

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Written by Dr. Michael Whiting

Dr. Michael Whiting is the Director of Written Content in University Communications at Dallas Baptist University.