Service Through Sisterhood

Zeta Lead

This year, DBU's Zeta Chi sorority sought to support non-profit organizations that seek to bring light to dark areas where men, women, and children are in bondage either from sex trafficking, human trafficking, poverty, or anything in between. Consequently, through their DBU Coffeehouse fundraiser in February, featuring recording artist Chris Renzema, they were able to raise $9,000 which they chose to donate to the following non-profits:

  • GloryB, an organization that seeks to help those suffering from the acute trauma caused by Sex Trafficking and Ritual Abuse (also known as SRA), aged 17 years and above.
  • Trafficking 911, whose mission is to free youth from sex trafficking through trust-based relationships.
  • Refuge City, which exists to provide places of restoration and safety for domestic victims of human trafficking and/or sexual exploitation. Their work revolves around three tenets: awareness, prevention, and restoration.
  • Children's Relief International, an organization whose mission is to take the light of Christ to the poor in today's world, serving people in Mozambique, Nigeria, Haiti, South Asia, Myanmar, Malawi, Uganda, and Mexico.
  • Unbound Fort Worth, which works with schools, youth organizations, and shelters to empower youth to stay safe from trafficking and exploitation.

Zeta Chi donated $1,800 to each of the above passionate partners as they have empowered the sisterhood to partner in these meaningful causes. During the Zeta Chi Coffeehouse, a speaker from CRI shared their mission and vision with many on-campus students as well as off-campus visitors. Sidney adds, "Our event was held in February and we are thankful that it was not affected by the current pandemic and economic hardship because we were able to donate the money fundraiser as a way to love and support our partners."

Director of Student Life, David Reyes, extended his congratulations to Zeta Chi and Sidney Carter for their hard work during this school year and for the heart of servant leadership they have exemplified during the pandemic by supporting organizations in the Dallas area through economic donations.

"Zeta has done an amazing job this year at keeping their ministry and service at the forefront of their organization. Many organizations have also hosted several fundraisers for their ministry, but Zeta definitely took it up a notch this year. I was very proud of Sidney Carter and her leadership when she decided she wanted to make an impact on their work with social justice. I know groups will continue to follow their lead and continue to raise money for their efforts."

Zeta Chi is one of Dallas Baptist University's many Greek Life organizations. This sisterhood seeks to impact the world outside of DBU through prayer and action by committing themselves and their resources to further the Kingdom of God through fighting human trafficking.

Zeta Chi's president, Sidney Carter, shares the organization's heart for service saying, "Zeta focuses on the educational and fundraising aspect of human trafficking. We always say that more than anything else, we would love to be alongside different organizations rescuing girls as they are helping them physically, but that is unsafe and impossible for us to do right now. However, the best means that we can go about helping and serving our partner organizations is by educating and creating awareness alongside them and by raising funds for them."

Written by Kathleen Sotomayor

Kathleen Sotomayor is a member of University Communications at Dallas Baptist University.