DBU and North Texas Giving Day

North Texas Giving Day

Since 1898, DBU has been dedicated to providing a genuine, Christ-centered community and education. The result has been generations of servant leaders who transform lives for Christ. 

The world needs leaders who will seek to serve rather than be served, whose love for others compels them to invest in communities, have a commitment to excellence, and impact the world. 

We would like to share with you the powerful testimonial of Lori Hearn, parent of two DBU students:

Invest today in the training of future servant leaders and help us produce men and women who follow Christ and lead with character.

Invest Today

About Dallas Baptist University

Dallas Baptist University seeks to provide Christ-centered education to prepare and spur on students to pursue their calling. As with any mission statement, it takes a team of dedicated workers to bring the vision of an organization to life. At DBU, our professors, faculty, and staff play an integral role in providing the holistic education promised within our mission statement.

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