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Student band performing

Dallas, TX – April is filled with exciting events for the DBU community, events that allow students and faculty to step back from the busyness that marks the end of the semester, such as the DBU Music Business Showcase. Each year, DBU music business students have the chance to showcase their musical talent for their peers, students such as freshman Amethyst Patrick, a second generation Patriot, who performed two of her original songs.

“My favorite part of the event was definitely performing with a full band,” Amethyst explained. “I had only ever played my songs on an acoustic guitar, and I never thought about translating that for band members, even though I had very clear ideas in my head about what it would sound like.”

Before students like Amethyst stepped up to the mic to perform, fellow students like Cameron Hayes helped them prepare for a live audience and how to work with a full band.

“Cameron made sure we talked through genre, dynamics, and part ideas until we had a definable direction that we could give the band,” Amethyst said. “When the band showed up for rehearsals, they had already listened to the demos that I sent them and were prepared to work with me until the sound they played matched the one in my head. They were also good at making their own suggestions and taking criticism from one another. By the end of practice, my songs sounded better than I had imagined!

As a student involved with the music program here at DBU, Amethyst loves to learn through the opportunities the department provides for her, like performing in the Music Business Showcase.

The program trains them not only in writing and performing music but also in thinking through the business side of the music industry. While some students in the program, such as Amethyst, are seeking a career as a performer, many more are looking to serve in other capacities, such as music management, sound technicians, studio musicians, and other components that make up the multi-billion dollar music industry.

At the heart of the music business program, as well as at the heart of the students, is a mission to spread the love of God through music in a field that is often very dark. In Amethyst’s case, this mission has challenged her and pushed her in the pursuit of her life’s calling.

“My time with the faculty and with my fellow students has allowed me to watch and learn from other performers, see my own musical abilities grow, and, most importantly, continue taking steps towards what I know God has called me to do.”

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Written by Faith Myers

Faith Myers is a member of University Communications at Dallas Baptist University.