Art and Design Show 2019

Great Hall set up for art show

This year’s College of Fine Arts Art & Design Show highlighted the creative talents of DBU students and faculty in a variety of categories, including photography, illustration, graphic design, drawing, and painting. Over 70 participants entered artwork for the University to view this April.

For DBU graduate student Anne Marie Wells the pieces she entered were the culmination of years of work.

"This was my last show before graduating in December, and I wanted to showcase the pieces that represent my best work but also had special meaning to me," Wells shared. "This year I submitted a copy of the first part of a graphic novel/comic that I am currently working on called Jade Torch. This is a digital project I am continually building as I work to help the story unfold visually."

While Wells submitted artwork for the last time, the Art & Design Show provided first-year students like Shea Bush an initial opportunity to submit pieces like her drawing of a pocket watch titled "Outside of Time."

"I created this work to represent God’s eternity," Bush explained. "He is not constrained by the limitations of time, but instead, lives outside of it. God created time itself and is the caretaker that revolves around it, in it, and through it."

These pieces, along with countless others, were featured in the Great Hall, allowing the DBU Family to view the gallery of artwork that highlighted some of DBU’s prime and up-and-coming artists. To close the Art and Design show, people had the opportunity to attend a reception where they met the individuals who produced these works of art.

As Shea Bush entered for the first time, this show was only the beginning of her preparation for her future as a commercial artist.

"I have created art ever since I could remember, and I have a deep love for it," Bush discussed. "Because of this passion, I want to use the talent that God gave me to influence and bless others. I am excited to take my passion for art further and to continue refining my talent by turning it into hard skills that I can use in my future career as a commercial artist."

Similarly, Annie Marie Wells looks forward to the future as an artist, but she also looks back on her transformative time at DBU as she submitted pieces for the last time.

"Drawing has always been my passion," Wells reflected. "This passion for drawing and art is a gift that I cherish and thank God for continually. This year it was quite bittersweet because I knew it would be my last time getting to be a part of this event. It’s been such a pleasure and an honor participating in the DBU Art and Design Show during my years here at DBU."

Written by Faith Myers

Faith Myers is a member of University Communications at Dallas Baptist University.