Faculty Profile - Dr. Wes Moore

Dr. Wes Moore sits in front of a Steinway piano on the chapel stage

Meet Dr. Wes Moore! He is the Associate Dean for the College of Fine Arts. He also serves as the Chair of the Department of Music, as well as an Assistant Professor of Voice. The Department of Music seeks to educate students in order that they might engage the global music industry through transformational musical performance, scholarship, and service. Dr. Moore oversees the activities and mission of the Music Department. He also interacts with students personally during one-on-one vocal lessons.”

“DBU affords me the opportunity to teach and lead young musicians in fulfilling their God-given talents through the redeeming and transforming power of music.”

Why do you serve at DBU?

"I serve at DBU because my calling is to higher education in music and the arts. As a Christian musician, I believe the arts reveal the values of a society. DBU affords me the opportunity to teach and lead young musicians in fulfilling their God-given talents through the redeeming and transforming power of music. As people created in the image of God, the supreme creative being, we bear His likeness when we create beautiful works for the betterment of others."

"I also believe God has big plans for our music students. Some students leave University Hill to pursue studies at some of the most prestigious music graduate programs and conservatories in the world. Some are gracing musical theater stages, school and university music classrooms, and performance halls. Others are publishing music, writing songs, and leading out in the recording industry. Still others are involved in mission work, leading worship in churches around the world. It’s a joy and privilege to be a small part of this picture."

What does Christ-centered education mean to you?

"To me, Christ-centered education means that I’m dedicated to God’s mandate to be excellent. It’s an unapologetic commitment to excellence in scholarship, teaching, service, mentoring, and love. Christ-centered education is all about love. God loves me and gives me His best. Therefore I love Him by seeking to give Him excellence in my work. I also love my students, so I seek to give them my best. I then admonish them to give God their best and to love others by giving their best to the world. Additionally, being committed to a Christ-centered education means that all of our work is for the glory of God and the betterment of society. Love should be integral to a Christian education, and music is a wonderful medium in which to transmit this kind of divine love to a dark and hurting world."

Courses Taught

  • Applied Voice
  • Advanced Applied Voice
  • Vocal Literature and Performance Practice
  • Seminar/Performance Lab
  • Junior Recital
  • Senior Recital
  • Diction II

How do you mentor others at DBU?

"As a college administrator, I think my role is to mentor our younger and adjunct faculty members. I do this by encouraging them to see themselves as leaders and change-makers. As a professor, mentoring occurs naturally through the weekly private vocal lessons I teach. A close working relationship is established between teacher and student during these lessons. In addition, my vocal students and I meet at least a couple of times each semester to talk about what steps they should be taking in their aspiring careers. I also maintain professional relationships and contacts around the country within the musical profession. This keeps me close to what’s happening in the industry so I can better prepare our students for their futures as well as serve as a reference for them. Ultimately, mentoring these students is about helping them find their sense of divine calling and then facilitating a plan of action whereby they can smoothly navigate the transitions between school and their chosen professions."

If you could tell a parent why DBU is worth their investment, what would you tell them?

"As a DBU professor and a parent of a DBU student myself, I can say firsthand that there is no better undergraduate education than at a Christian liberal arts university. I think DBU is one of the finest universities of its kind anywhere. From our mission for Christ-centered education to the hands-on teaching and mentoring of our faculty and administration, this is a wonderful place to nurture artistic development and learning. Come and see!"

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