MLK Jr. Memorial in Washington D.C.

Chaos or Community

Chaos! A foreign war with mounting casualties, economic disparity expanding across the nation, and a racial divide across our pulpits, local communities, and federal halls of government—these realities offer little hope for the promise of a triumphant future. Chaos!

Close shot of the wiring of a computer

FTX Crash: How Principled Leadership Could Have Avoided the Downfall

The recent implosion of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange, along with the unethical behavior of its CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, has brought integrity to the forefront and stands as a stark reminder that principled leadership and biblical values are stabilizing and crucial functions in market economies.

Olympics logo statue

The Spirit of the Olympics

The Olympic games embody the idea that a fully formed citizen develops character and skill that helps them interact with others in a way that makes for peace. This idea is called the Olympic spirit.

two people shaking hands

What About Mercy?

Have we reached the point that the divisions in our country have grown too big to bridge? Read here to find out more about how the reconciling power of Jesus provides us with true unity.

overhead shot of neighborhood

What Street Do You Live On? Juneteenth Celebration for Texas, Our Nation, and the Human Story

A key part of overcoming what so easily divides us as a people is finding out what street we “live on”—talking and growing in vibrant relationships with others who are different from us, discovering their hopes, dreams, fears, and most certainly, learning their history. Read here to learn more.

World compass and map

A Response to George Friedman's Latest Book

Dr. Mike Williams, Professor of History at DBU, reviews geopolitical analyst George Friedman's latest book, The Storm Before the Calm: America's Discord, The Coming Crisis and the Triumph Beyond.

Martin Luther King Memorial in DC

The Beloved Community: The Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday and Our Reality

On the third Monday of January, we pause as a nation to honor not how King died, but how he lived and gave his life to help "redeem the soul of America."

I Have A Dream

What You Can Do: A Response to George Floyd and Racial Injustice

Recently, Pastor Dave Bruskas, who is a dear brother and close friend of mine, reached out to ask how I was doing in light of the events surrounding the senseless murder of George Floyd. After much prayer and reflection, I’ve arrived at few practical steps.

Girl sitting by the ocean

Mental Health During COVID-19: How Should Christians Respond?

How should we as Christians respond to the growing reality of mental health struggles in a society affected by COVID-19? We must approach the arena of mental health during this pandemic with great care.