Raymond Harris speaking at the Christian Leadership Summit

Picking the Jockeys

Raymond Harris, Senior Fellow for Entrepreneurship, delivered this speech as the keynote address on Thursday, April 18, 2024, as part of the Christian Leadership Summit at Dallas Baptist University. Entitled "Picking the Jockeys," Raymond Harris delves into leadership's essence, emphasizing the selection of righteous and just leaders akin to Ross Perot's philosophy. He underscores the importance of these qualities in fostering flourishing communities and organizations, drawing parallels from biblical examples and contemporary stories like Jenny McGee's transformative work.

two people shaking hands

What About Mercy?

Have we reached the point that the divisions in our country have grown too big to bridge? Read here to find out more about how the reconciling power of Jesus provides us with true unity.

overhead shot of neighborhood

What Street Do You Live On? Juneteenth Celebration for Texas, Our Nation, and the Human Story

A key part of overcoming what so easily divides us as a people is finding out what street we “live on”—talking and growing in vibrant relationships with others who are different from us, discovering their hopes, dreams, fears, and most certainly, learning their history. Read here to learn more.

Martin Luther King Jr.

A Funeral for a Man Named King

As we remember King, we not only remember how he lived but how he died. It’s been 53 years since he stood on that balcony in Memphis, yet violence is still among us: it’s in our speech, in our halls of Congress, in our universities, in our pulpits, and even at our kitchen tables. King’s tragic death serves as an object lesson, for as he often stated: “an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind.”

Martin Luther King Memorial in DC

The Beloved Community: The Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday and Our Reality

On the third Monday of January, we pause as a nation to honor not how King died, but how he lived and gave his life to help "redeem the soul of America."

John Lewis

The Honorable John Robert Lewis: A Statesman, Civil Rights Leader, and One Who Walked with the Wind

During the time given to him, John Lewis gave immeasurably. He did for others what they could not do for themselves, he spoke with moral clarity on the things that matter most, and his entire life became a force for good.

C.T. Vivian

The Reverend Cordy "C.T." Vivian: Civil Rights Activist, Pastor, Man of Moral Courage

At a time when our nation suffers from a dearth of leadership at the highest levels, C.T. Vivian's life demonstrates how one can leave a legacy of bettering the lives of others. He will be a man spoken well of, not just today or at political rallies or during election cycles, but for all of human history.

Just Mercy

My Thoughts on "Just Mercy"

Justice seemed like the right answer, the only answer, but inequality, oppression, and discrimination stood in its place.

I Have A Dream

What You Can Do: A Response to George Floyd and Racial Injustice

Recently, Pastor Dave Bruskas, who is a dear brother and close friend of mine, reached out to ask how I was doing in light of the events surrounding the senseless murder of George Floyd. After much prayer and reflection, I’ve arrived at few practical steps.


Goodloe Named IGE Senior Fellow for Ethics and Justice

Dr. Marcus Goodloe, a longtime friend of DBU, joins DBU's Institute for Global Engagement as Senior Fellow for Ethics and Justice.

Shoes at a crossing point

Where Do We Go From Here?

It has been fifty-two years since Martin Luther King, Jr. walked this earth, but his prophetic question of chaos or community remains the most consequential question of our time. King spoke out against a war that was costing both lives and our moral standing worldwide. Today, we face another war. Not on the battlefields of Southeast Asia, but in nursing homes and local hospitals, to save the lives of people afflicted with COVID-19.