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Master of Arts in Discipleship and Master of Business Administration Dual Degree Program

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Shelly Melia, Ph.D., M.A. in Discipleship Program Director
Sandra Reid, Ph.D., M.B.A. Program Director

The role of the church leader continues to grow in complexity as the concept of the global community expands. The pressure to operate as a business with scarce resources is a reality that cannot be ignored. Many predict that the real mission fields in the future will be through business leaders as they work in the United States, Europe, and third world countries, heightening the demand to blend theological knowledge and training with business theory and application.

Prospective students from the ministry will pursue this dual degree to obtain and strengthen the skills and competencies needed to be effective in church leadership roles such as executive pastor, division leader, church planter, and/or global ministry. In addition, while the vast majority of students admitted to this unique, dual degree program may already be serving in a ministry or believe they are called to serve, students include those who have started a business career and subsequently sense a call to the ministry.


In order to pursue a Dual Master's Degree program, the applicant must apply to, meet the existing admission requirements for, and be accepted into each of the master's degrees which comprise the dual degree program.


Prerequisite course work must be satisfied for both degree programs.

  • M.A. in Discipleship
    • Old Testament Survey or THEO 5307 Old Testament Literature and Interpretation;
    • New Testament Survey or THEO 5308 New Testament Literature and Interpretation;
    • 3000/4000 Level Religion Course or 5000/6000 Level Theology Course
  • M.B.A.
    • Accounting I and II or ACCT 5311 Survey of Accounting
    • Business and Public Law or MANA 51.522 Business Legal Environment
    • Microeconomics and Macroeconomics or ECON 5311 Managerial Economics
    • Financial Management or FINA 51.521 Foundations of Finance
    • Principles of Management or MANA 51.521 Management Theory
    • Principles of Marketing or MRKT 51.521 Marketing Concepts
    • Statistics or MANA 6303 Research and Statistics
    • BUAD 5301 Orientation to American Business Technology and Culture (for International Students only)

Prerequisites may be met with equivalent courses from another institution and do not count toward degree completion.


Continuance in the program past the first 12 hours is pending submission of a satisfactory score on the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) or Graduate Record Examinations® (GRE®).

Study Plan

  • 30 hrs
    Required Curriculum M.A. in Discipleship
  • 30 hrs
    Required Curriculum M.B.A.
  • 60 hrs
    Total Dual Degree (excluding prerequisites)

Master of Business Administration

(30 Hours - excluding prerequisites)

Select two courses from M.B.A. Concentrations with approval of Program Director or Academic Advisor. Six (6) hours of the M.A. in Discipleship Required Curriculum serve as electives for the M.B.A Required Curriculum.

M.A. in Discipleship

(30 hours - excluding prerequisites)

Six (6) hours of the M.B.A. Required Curriculum serve as electives for the M.A. in Discipleship Required Curriculum.