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Highly marketable business degree that gives you the edge

The M.A. in Management is a highly marketable business degree with heavy management and leadership perspectives.

There is a great need for skilled managers in the marketplace. Consider this 1986 study by Hanson: “Researchers set out to find the five factors that best account for financial success in business. They found those five to be market share, a firm's capital intensity, size of a firms assets, industry average return on sales, and the ability of managers to effectively manage their people. They found that the ability of managers to effectively manage their people was three times more powerful of an indicator of a firm’s financial success than ALL OTHERS COMBINED!”

With an M.A. in Management you will be equipped with the skills and confidence you need to go after the opportunities you seek in a way that is enticing to organizations of all kinds.

Attracting top employers

Combining business savvy with servant leadership, our graduates achieve great careers and make a big impact. DBU M.A. in Management graduates work at places like AT&T, Coca-Cola, McKesson, Xerox, Methodist Health Care, Bell Helicopter, Bank of America, and Cigna, just to name a few.