Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

The Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction is a 36-hour degree program focused on equipping students to be leaders in the field of education. This program prepares its graduates for careers such as Curriculum and Instruction Directors, Curriculum and Content Coordinators, Academic Specialists/Facilitators, Instructional Coaches, Grade Level/Department Chairs, and many more. The professors in our program equip our graduate students with the knowledge and tools necessary to lead endeavors in curriculum and instruction in order to bring about student success.

More than an Education

Experiential learning, relevant application, and thorough research provide a unique educational experience for students in the Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction program. Each of the classes has been researched and tailored to the work in your schools as an instructional leader or a  curriculum designer. This degree will also engage you in those higher levels of learning within an environment of support and care. Our vision for you – as a change agent impacting the lives of all of those you serve, will be communicated in and through each class. Educators have a mighty task before them, and students in the M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction go out into their spheres of influence equipped and ready for the work at hand!

Marked by Service

Service-learning at DBU is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates academic instruction, community service, and guided reflection from a Christ-centered, faith-based perspective in order to enhance student learning, to foster global civic responsibility, and to develop servant leaders.

"The Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction is a degree that offers leadership development in the area of curriculum design, evaluation, and best instructional practices. It also allows students the opportunity to specialize in areas of supervision, learning technologies, ESL, special education, Christian school administration, professional life coaching, fine arts, and/or biblical leadership."

- Dr. Mark Martin, Program Director
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Dr. Mark Martin | Program Director

Our program provides several options to customize your master's degree with dual degrees and advanced certificates.


  • Christian School Administration
  • Distance Learning
  • English as a Second Language
  • Instructional Technology
  • Professional Life Coaching
  • Special Education
  • Supervision

Dual Master's Degrees

Admission Requirements for the M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction

There are no requirements additional to the Graduate School's requirements for Full Admission.

The admission requirements listed above are specific to this degree program and are supplemental to the Graduate School’s requirements for Full Admission. Admission to one graduate program does not guarantee admission to another. Applicants who show potential for graduate study, but do not meet the criteria for Full Admission, may be admitted for up to 12 hours under provisional status. Students admitted under Provisional Admission will be granted Full Admission upon successful completion of 12 credit hours and fulfillment of the conditions of their admission as determined by the Master’s Degrees Admission Committee.

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Alumni Testimonials


Stephanie Baughier

M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction May 2021 Graduate

Throughout my journey at DBU, my biggest challenge was time. I am a busy working mother of three and I was terrified that I would not be able to meet the demands of the program. I quickly learned that my professors understand I am a mother first. They supported my journey and my growth by checking in with me and developing a relationship with me. This took the pressure off of "performing" and put learning as the top priority. 

I have learned more than I could have ever imagined about education and about myself through my time at DBU. Those relationships encouraged me to do my very best for the Lord. My professors consistently poured into me that the goal was growth and learning, not a grade. This took the pressure off of "performing" and put learning as the top priority. I have learned more than I could have ever imagined about education and about myself through my time at DBU.


Joy Johnson

M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction May 2020 Graduate

Prior to joining the MEDCI program at DBU, I was attempting to serve as the Academic Director of a school with over 1,000 students using only what I had learned in my Bachelor's program. I was overwhelmed, particularly as my school began to pursue international accreditation. I knew I needed to learn more, but since I had been out of the academic study of education for so long, I did not even know which authors and researchers to trust.


DBU's program not only met that need but also gave me a much broader toolbox of supervisory strategies and school improvement methods to draw from. I am so thankful for the difference DBU made in my life and ministry.