Student: Flash Mentoring

What is Flash Mentoring?

Flash mentoring is defined as a one-time meeting or discussion that enables an individual to learn and seek guidance from a more experienced person who can pass on relevant knowledge and experience. The purpose of flash mentoring is to provide a valuable learning opportunity for less experienced individuals while requiring a limited commitment of time and resources for more experienced individuals serving as mentors. While mentors and mentees can mutually decide to meet again after their flash mentoring session, the commitment is to participate only in the initial meeting.

How do I participate?

Once you complete the DBU Mentor Program application, you are eligible to participate in the Flash Mentoring program.

What does the Mentor application entail?

  • Online Application
  • Background check
  • DBU faculty/staff reference OR Church reference letter

What should I expect out of meeting?

  • Encourage leadership development.
  • Provide an outside point-of-view on a single issue.
  • Assist students understand best practices within an organization and/or a specific role.
  • Support students in both soft and hard skills required to break into and succeed in a specific industry or career.
  • Advice on how and whom to network with for a specific industry.

How to Prepare for a Flash Mentoring Session:

Here are some questions a mentee could ask during a flash mentoring session:

  • What is a typical day like in your role?
  • What additional academic training should I consider for a job in the field?
  • What additional skills and abilities do I need to acquire because of their importance in the job?
  • How long should I expect it to take me to move to the next step given my experience in this field?
  • What companies or organizations should I target to hire me given my background and experience?


  • Your investment of time has positive and long-term implications for our students.
  • Help direct or re-direct a student who may have an interest in your field but is not certain it is a good fit.
  • Sharing of knowledge.
  • Meet alumni with shared interest.
  • Expand the DBU network of servant leaders.