About Mentoring at DBU


Through Christ-centered relationships, students will develop an integrated perspective, one that fully combines worldview (faith) with scholarship (learning), in order to scrutinize various points of view, gain insight and support that guides and directs life while shaping thought, expression, behavior, and eventual work that transforms culture.

At Dallas Baptist University, mentoring is a Christ-centered relationship, intentionally forged, that nurtures, supports, and provides insight in order to foster the intellectual, professional, and spiritual development of students equipped to impact our world for the glory of God.


Foster Intellectual Development

DBU students will
  • Personalize learning and make meaning from text, instruction, and experiences
  • Utilize and apply reflection, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving from their subject area knowledge and other learning opportunities

Foster Spiritual Development

DBU students will
  • understand the concept of God's mission and discern their personal calling to meaningful, purpose-filled living
  • follow the example of Christ and mentors in biblical servant leadership

Foster Professional Development

DBU students will
  • develop practical competencies and important soft skills necessary for life employment, vocation, or calling
  • understand how to integrate faith and acquired knowledge in internships, semester-long projects, or other guided practical learning opportunities

Why Mentoring Matters

headshot of Tempress
"Mentoring is one of the most influential experiences that strengthened my professional growth."
- Dr. Tempress Asagba, Alumna ('08, '12, '20)