Pre-Occupational Therapy

The DBU Pre-OT Program equips students for occupational therapy school in a variety of ways:

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Determining Your Calling to Occupational Therapy School

Through the Pre-OT program, students can determine God’s calling on their life and whether occupational therapy is the path for them. Meet with professors and advisors to discuss career opportunities and how you can use your giftings.

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Preparing You Academically for Occupational Therapy School

Establish the foundation needed to be successful in occupational therapy school and beyond. Through pre-OT classes, whether participating in a human anatomy course or analyzing physics, students will leave DBU equipped with skills needed for occupational therapy school.

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Preparing You Personally and Professionally for Occupational Therapy School

Connect with students in similar disciplines as you participate in service opportunities or other student organizations. Take advantage of the possible internships to gain real-world experience that help enhance your learning.

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Preparing You for the Advanced Occupational Therapy Programs (MOT, OTD)

Take advantage of the connections that DBU offers whether it is the individualized attention of an advisor or partnerships with local clinics. Students will receive personalized guidance from the pre-OT advisor to help them make decisions such as where to go to occupational therapy school or how to best use your degree in that field.

DBU Pre-Occupational Therapy Advisor

headshot of Dr. Adam Ross
Office: Ebby Halliday 
(214) 333-5937

Dr. Adam Ross

Chair, Assistant Professor, Undergraduate Kinesiology

Dr. Ross serves as the Chair of the Department of Kinesiology, as well as the Director and advisor of the BS Health Sciences and BA/BS Kinesiology degrees. Dr. Ross has 12 years of professional experience in the world of athletic performance development working for Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, Baylor University, the Houston Astros Baseball Organization, Florida State University, and Dallas Baptist University.

DBU Pre-OT Alumni Profiles

photo of Alumni Audrey Illami

Audrey Ilami

DBU Class of 2018

Texas Women's University Class of 2021

Audrey's Story

During my search for “the” university, I toured many schools. My family traveled all over the place, even visiting some colleges in Arkansas. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I was looking for, but those schools didn’t have it. It had nothing to do with them offering the degree I wanted (Kinesiology), they all had that…it was something else. Finally, we came to DBU to attend a Patriot Preview.

I remember being in awe of the beauty of the buildings and staring up at the chapel alongside my mother.

I remember the looks my brother gave me as we toured the campus (probably curious about my massive grin).

I remember crying as I left, confessing to my mother that I just knew DBU was where I belonged.

I remember her confession that she felt the exact same way.

For the first time, I felt God calling me…calling me to Dallas Baptist University. Naturally, I wasted no time applying and definitely did a little dance as I got my acceptance letter.

When I first started my classes, I was especially excited about my Kinesiology courses because that was where I’d learn things relevant to what I ultimately wanted to do with my life: be an occupational therapist (OT). One day, our professor actually brought in an OT to talk to us and I used her “tip-sheet” as a guide throughout all four years of college.

Now, there weren’t very many other students interested in going on to OT school, but my professors and advisors were still very much prepared to make sure I took the correct pre-requisites and knew about all the options. I remember other students asking me if I had switched degrees or was absolutely certain about what I wanted to do, and I said yes.

I’d known for a long time what my goal was and what degree I wanted to get there.

Ultimately, I applied to Texas Woman’s University (TWU) and was accepted into their occupational therapy program. I remember feeling very nervous because I was placed on the waiting list. Actually, I came to terms with the fact that I probably wouldn’t get in, but God had other plans.

I like to say that He made me wait so I’d know I was where He wanted me to be.

So I’d see His fingerprints all over my acceptance letter.

If you ask my fiancé, he’ll say that I was called to DBU to meet him (which is probably true), but I also feel that I was there to grow in my faith in preparation for trials to come. To be introduced to professors who took a personal interest in not only my academic success but also my spiritual life.

Looking back, I’ve realized what it was about DBU that was different from other universities.

It was the culture.

Pre-OT Degree Plan

Pre-Occupational Therapy Concentration

The degree in Health Sciences is offered by the Department of Kinesiology through the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. The purpose of the Health Sciences Program is to serve as a degree that is focused on pre-professional preparation for entrance into graduate programs. This program, specifically through an identified area of concentration, will help students recognize and meet specific entrance requirements for health-related degree programs at the master's or doctoral level. Students should meet with their advisor to discuss their concentration and steps after graduation.
Pre-Occupational Therapy Internships, Observations and Experiences

Through the BS Health Sciences degree program at Dallas Baptist University, along with many degrees, students have the opportunity to gain practical experiences through both for credit and not for credit internship and observation experiences. Students are able to meet with their advisors to find a location that best fits their professional pursuits, location, and personal interest.

Is Occupational Therapy for Me?

Occupational therapists are professionals that seek to assist individuals of various ages to regain the ability to participate in activities they want and need to do through the utilization of therapeutic use of everyday activities (, 2020). Some common interventions in occupational therapy include but are not limited to assisting disabled children to learn how to participate fully in school settings as well as social interactions, rehabilitating individuals after an injury as they regain skills needed for daily living and working, and supporting the aging or elderly through physical and/or cognitive changes. The path to becoming an occupational therapist requires an advanced degree, either a Masters of Occupational Therapy (MOT) or a Doctorate of Occupational Therapy (OTD), as well as state licensure. With an expected job growth rate of 16% through 2029 and an average median salary of $84,950 (, 2020), this is certainly an expanding field where you can exercise your calling to serve others through human movement and rehabilitation. For more information on this profession follow the links below.

Preparing for Occupational Therapy School

Although Dallas Baptist University will not be your final stop on your journey to becoming an occupational therapist, we are well-equipped to provide you everything you will need in order to feel confident as you apply to these advanced degree programs during your final semesters of your undergraduate preparation.

Further Advanced Degree Preparation

As you pursue your undergraduate degree, it would be wise to focus on building tools to prepare you for applying to your advanced degree program. Depending on the level of degree and the specific program you are pursuing, applications often focus on the following components:

  • Academic Record (GPA and Pre-Requisites)
  • Observation Hours
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • GRE Score

Pre-Requisite Courses

While admission to a Masters of Occupational Therapy or Doctor of Occupational Therapy program does not require applicants to hold a specific degree or come from a specific major, there is a long list of pre-requisite courses that are needed in order to meet entry requirements and set yourself apart as a qualified candidate. To aid in your preparation for applying to your advanced program, DBU has a directed BS in Health Sciences degree that has a concentration in Pre-Occupational Therapy aiming to provide a Christ-centered education as you complete your pre-requisites and earn your undergraduate degree. In this degree, you will be immersed in study emphasizing the science and application of the principles of human movement and psychology among many other sub-disciplines to create greater depth of understanding.

Observation Hours

Most occupational therapy programs require observation hours with many requiring up to 40-50 hours.

Why Prepare for a career in Occupational Therapy at DBU?

The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic metropolitan areas in the United States. This population growth brings a great need in many career fields, one of which is careers in health science-related disciplines. Studying for your preparation in occupational therapy in the DFW area creates an excellent opportunity for experiential learning through volunteering, scheduled observation hours, or structured internship programming. All of these are critical to the Dallas Baptist University Health Sciences degree programming and your successful application to terminal degree programs as you seek to serve in the field of Occupational Therapy. The BS in Health Sciences degree at Dallas Baptist University has an intentional approach to experiential learning as we have practical experience built into your course requirements. In your pursuit of this degree, you will find yourself living, learning, and serving in one of the most dynamic areas in the United States as you prepare to act out God’s call for your life.