The DBU Pre-Nursing Program equips students for nursing school in a variety of ways:

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Determining Your Calling to Nursing School

Let us come alongside you as you determine God's unique calling to nursing. Visit with professors and advisors to determine how a nursing school can help you fulfill the unique passion you have to pursue a calling in the healthcare field.

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Preparing You Academically for Nursing School

Sharpen the tools needed to be successful in nursing school and in the field of nursing. Through pre-nursing classes, whether studying human anatomy and physiology, nutrition, or microbiology, students will leave DBU equipped with the core conceptual and academic skills needed to thrive in nursing school.

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Preparing You Personally and Professionally for Nursing School

Engage with other students on similar career paths through our student organizations and/or through related service opportunities. Take advantage of the connection that DBU has with Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing in Dallas in order to further your studies.

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Preparing You for Nursing School Admissions

Students will receive personalized guidance from the pre-nursing advisor to help prepare them for nursing school admissions. With DBU’s partnership with Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing in Dallas, students will have a planned avenue to pursue their career in nursing directly after DBU.

DBU Pre-Nursing Advisor

headshot of Dr. Mark Bloom
Office: College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics 
(214) 333-5391

Dr. Mark Bloom

Professor of Biology and Science Education

Dr. Bloom earned his Bachelor of Science in biology from DBU in 1994, his Master of Science in Biology from Baylor University in 1996, and his Ph.D. in science education from Texas Christian University in 2008. He returned to DBU in 2012 to teach Biology, advise the Associate of Science (Pre-nursing) program, and manage the relationship between DBU and Baylor Louise Herrington School of Nursing. In addition to these roles, Dr. Bloom is the Executive Director of the International Consortium for Research in Science & Mathematics Education, Editor of the Electronic Journal for Research in Science & Mathematics Education, and Associate Editor of the Journal of Science Teacher Education. Dr. Bloom’s research focuses on the intersection of science and religion and how Christian leaders in science have reconciled the perceived conflicts between their faith and their scientific disciplines. He lives in Fort Worth with his wife and daughter and is a member of Northwood Baptist Church in Keller.

DBU Pre-Nursing Profiles

Alexie Temple | Denton, TX

"I have a passion for people and a passion to help those around me. My studies at Dallas Baptist University have allowed me to pursue an education that aids in my growth of both knowledge and devotion for a field I care deeply about. My education has set me up for success in the future career God has called me to, a career that will allow me to help those in need."
Alexie Temple

Pre-Nursing Degree Plan

Articulation Agreement

DBU has established a Transfer Student Articulation Agreement with Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing in Dallas. Through this special agreement, qualified Pre-Nursing students attend DBU to earn the first 70 hours of coursework, completing the Associate of Science degree at DBU, before applying to Baylor’s School of Nursing to complete the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Under the articulation agreement, the School of Nursing reserves up to 30 preferential spots each spring semester for DBU transfer students who have completed their prerequisite courses and have achieved adequate performance on the HESI entrance exam. After admission into the LHSON, students complete their junior and senior years in downtown Dallas near Baylor University Medical Center to earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). While attending the LHSON, they are considered Baylor students but have the option to remain in DBU housing and commute.

You can read more about the highlight pre-nursing partnership in this DBU News article. You can also find more information on DBU Pre-Nursing Classes by visiting our Course Catalog.

Pre-Nursing Experiences
Through the Pre-Nursing program at Dallas Baptist University, students have the opportunity to gain practical experiences and form connections that they will use in their careers beyond school. Students have the opportunity to connect with Baylor representatives through their classes as well as tour the Louise Herrington School of Nursing in Dallas as a group. Additionally, students engage in a hands-on learning experience in opportunities such as serving at a local food pantry and evaluating the nutritional balance of the foods that are served.
Is Nursing School for Me?

For those who feel called to support others in a challenging and unique environment, nursing might be for you. As you determine where you might be called to, DBU’s advisors and professors are here to help you make an informed decision that is best for you. Whether you feel called to help kids in pediatrics, treat hearts in cardiology, or choose another avenue, DBU’s Pre-Nursing program will equip you with the tools you need. The Pre-Nursing program at DBU is designed to help students understand their natural giftings and equip them to use them beyond the classroom. As you determine what your future in nursing may look like, there are a few things that you should consider.

  • God’s calling on your life.
  • Do your strengths match nursing school requirements?
  • Do your short and long-term goals match up with going to nursing school?
  • What makes you interested in nursing school?
  • Are you prepared for the investment, of both time and money, that nursing school is?
Why Prepare for Nursing School at DBU?
The Pre-Nursing program at Dallas Baptist University allows students the opportunity to prepare for nursing school in a Christian environment. The program provides both the rigor needed to prepare students for nursing school as well as an environment where they can grow in their faith. With the articulation agreement between DBU and the Louise Herrington School of Nursing, students are able to take advantage of an undergraduate route that leads directly to nursing school. They will receive preferential transfer status as a DBU student to the Louise Herrington School of Nursing. Because of the nature of the program, students also have the opportunity to receive personalized attention and advice from university professors and advisors. Whether it is giving advice about nursing school, internships, NCLEX prep, research, or other opportunities, the professors and advisors at DBU are here to help.