Office of Pre-Professional Programs

Dallas Baptist University offers a variety of robust pre-professional programs in the following fields:


What makes DBU’s Pre-Professional Programs unique?


Christian Distinctives

Our goal is to help students learn to connect their faith with their future professional work, helping them to see themselves as Christian Servant Leaders in their chosen vocation.


Individual Approach

Professors at DBU have a calling not only to teach in the classroom, but to mentor students outside the classroom, as well. Professors make themselves available to meet with students, discuss big issues over coffee or lunch, or just serve as a sounding board as students grapple with God’s call to a professional discipline.


In-Depth Learning

Students are taught by professors of faith who are leaders in their discipline. Our robust academic programs provide a solid foundation for students who are called into professional fields.


Holistic Care

As our professors mentor students, their goal is to help those students develop in all areas of life—academically, spiritually, physically, and mentally.


Opportunities for Growth Outside the Classroom

In addition to robust in-class learning, we try to provide our students with world-class opportunities to grow outside the classroom, including internships, research opportunities, test preparation classes (e.g., LSAT Prep, MCAT Prep, etc.), Pre-Professional Student Organizations, and service/mission opportunities in their discipline.


Highlight on DBU Pre-Professional Students


Sierra Woodard, DBU Pre-Professional Programs Student

Sierra Woodard: Pursuing a Passion for International Justice

Dorcas Bakiono

International Student Pursues Career in Medical Field

Blake Pate, DBU Pre-Professional Programs Student

Called to Medicine

Spencer Hamilton, DBU Pre-Professional Programs Student

DBU Senior Interns for Senator