Ph.D. in Leadership Studies Launches

DBU Report Archived Highlights - February/March 2005

DBU Report February/March 2005 Cover Image

  • Page 1-3 (Ph.D. in Leadership Studies Launches in Summer 2005)
  • Page 4 (DBU's New "The Soda Shoppe")
  • Page 5 (International Center Room Dedicated to Dr. & Mrs. Harry T. Ku)
  • Page 6 (13th Annual Patriot Baseball Banquet)

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Dallas Baptist University seeks to provide Christ-centered education to prepare and spur on students to pursue their calling. As with any mission statement, it takes a team of dedicated workers to bring the vision of an organization to life. At DBU, our professors, faculty, and staff play an integral role in providing the holistic education promised within our mission statement.

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