Dr. Gary Cook Celebrates Fifteen Years as President of DBU

DBU Report Archived Highlights - August/September 2003 - Special Edition

Since Dr. Cook assumed the presidency on April 6, 1988, DBU has experienced unprecedented growth and financial stability. This special edition of the DBU Report provides an overview of the University's significant accomplishments and milestones during the past fifteen years under the dynamic servant leadership of Dr. Cook and his administration.

DBU Report August/September 2003 15th Anniversary Special Edition Cover Image

  • Pages 1-7 (Includes the following pages: Cover page, Except the Lord build the house..., Leading DBU for Fifteen Years, Expanding Academic Programs, Academic Excellence, Tradition of Excellent Faculty, and Financial Stability and Growth.) 
  • Pages 8-13 (Includes the following pages: Increase of Student Enrollment, Annual Russell H. Perry Free Enterprise Award Dinner, Vision and Traditions, DBU-North and Online Education, and Campus Expansion.) 
  • Pages 14-19 (Includes the following pages: Picture of Full-Time Faculty and Staff, and Honoring those who have served for the past 15 years.) 
  • Pages 24-28 (Includes the following pages: Tribute to Sheila Cook, Tribute to Dr. Cook, Board of Trustees.) 

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