Tips for Staying on Track and Staying Fit in College

Exercising in college can be a challenge, but the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of staying fit make exercise a top priority for students.


What to Know About the Cost of Online vs. In-Person Degrees

Is getting an online college degree cheaper than an in-person degree? Let’s compare costs of an online vs traditional bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

college student with laptop studying

DBU's Online Degrees: Pros and Cons for Christian Students

Weigh the pros and cons of online learning and see how DBU's online degree programs can help you achieve your goals.

college student hanging out with friends outside

The Best Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of University Life

Implementing a few daily life hacks and tips for students will help you thrive in every aspect of university life, on-campus and off.

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DBU Group Returns Home Safely from Israel, Expressing Gratitude for Support

DBU is thrilled to announce that the entire group from Israel has successfully returned home, safe and sound. We wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who have shown care and prayed over our DBU family during this time.

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Update on DBU Israel Group

We are delighted to share a positive update regarding the safety of our DBU family and friends who were previously in Israel. The remaining nine individuals who were in Israel have now safely made it out of Israel and are on their way back home to DFW.

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DBU Group Remains in Israel, Set to Return Wednesday

Currently, there is still a group of 9 members of the DBU Family in Israel who were part of a larger group of 18 that included students, alumni, and friends on an Israel tour that was set to conclude on Saturday, October 7.


DBU Hosts Texas Baptists Conclave NextGen Conference

DBU hosted this year’s Texas Baptists Conclave NextGen Conference, a two-day event of spiritual encouragement, ministry training and resourcing, networking, and meaningful times of worship geared towards children, youth, and family ministry staff from local churches.

hunskor alumna

Seeking Shalom in Dallas: Alumna Lauren Hunskor Serving at Advocates for Community Transformation (Act)

A '22 DBU graduate in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics and a minor in Biblical Studies, Lauren Hunskor is serving at Advocates for Community Transformation (Act) in Dallas, which works on behalf of residents to end drug-trafficking in their neighborhoods.

raymond harris

Raymond H. Harris Appointed as Senior Fellow of Entrepreneurship for DBU's Institute for Global Engagement

Raymond H. Harris was recently appointed by DBU as Senior Fellow of Entrepreneurship for the Institute for Global Engagement (IGE).

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7 Reasons to Take DBU’s 8-Week Classes to Get a Degree

Working adults in Dallas need flexibility to pursue a bachelor’s degree. DBU’s 8-week classes in Professional Studies can help you reach your goals. Here’s how.

missions week

DBU Celebrates Missions Emphasis Week

A special missions emphasis focus turned students' attention to the great spiritual need of the world with a special chapel message, luncheon, and outdoor mission organization fair.

julia hyman

Dr. Julia Hyman Joins DBU Faculty as Assistant Professor of Education

Dr. Hyman is no stranger to DBU but is new to the full-time family in her role as Assistant Professor of Education. She brings a passion for teaching, training educators, and views the classroom as her mission field.

Dr. Mary Nelson presenting at the Friday Symposium in Dallas

Leadership and the Power of Writing: Friday Symposium Featuring Dr. Mary Nelson of the Cook School of Leadership

Dr. Mary Nelson, Director of the Ph.D. in Leadership Studies, recently spoke to students and faculty about the leadership that Dietrich Bonhoeffer exercised through his writing, especially during the difficult days of his incarceration by the Nazi Third Reich.