Commissional Corner: Introducing Victoria Gacita

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Victoria started working in the GSOM Office in October of 2022 and plans to work until graduation. She helps with the MACC program and MAGL program. Victoria serves under Tina Braswell, who assists Dr. Dana Wicker, and Sonya Baileys, who assists Dr. Mark Alexander.

Victoria Gacita was born and raised in a city outside Houston, Texas. She grew up in a Christian household with loving parents and two older brothers. Victoria always knew about Christ and who he was but never had a personal relationship with him growing up. She attended a DNOW in the 7th grade and accepted Christ into her life, now starting a personal relationship with him and not relying on her parent's relationship with Christ or anyone else. A few months later, she proclaimed her faith publicly and was baptized.

At a young age, Victoria always enjoyed singing. When she was in 8th grade, she decided to try out for the worship team at her church. "Back then, I just tried out because I liked singing and wanted people to hear my voice. Over the first couple of years, when I started leading worship, the Lord had to turn over my pride song for me into a glory song for him. It was the sweetest growth period since worship is such an important part of my life. Worship, now, means so much to me. I hear the Lord's voice most clearly in worship, whether I am on or off the stage. I love how worship can not only be expressed through singing a song but through painting, dancing, bike riding, and so much more!" Since then, Victoria has gladly served her church back home, her church in Dallas, and here at DBU Chapel Worship.

Victoria heard of DBU through her brother and sister-in-law. She toured the campus with her father and immediately imagined spending her years of college at DBU. Victoria enjoyed the small campus aspect and how everyone was friendly and kind. She finally committed her education to DBU and is majoring in Intercultural Studies. She plans to graduate this semester, May 2023, and hopes to work at a church in the missions and worship department. Right after graduation, she plans to work for Student Life Camp in the summer as the worship leader for Student Life Worship.

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