DBU Welcomes 4 International Students for ServantU

ServantU international students
(L-R) Carlos Gonzales, Jose Ozuna, Erik Arriaga, Alejandro Teruel

ServantU is a week-long experience held on DBU's campus that aims to give high school aged students the opportunity to see just a glimpse of what DBU is all about. Through serving the surrounding community, small groups, worship services held in the chapel, and exciting evening activities, ServantU participants are able to learn first-hand the emphasis DBU puts on service, godly community, and leadership.

This year, DBU was pleased to host four international ServantU students. At the end of the week, we were able to ask these students about their personal stories and how ServantU impacted their lives.

Carlos Gonzales

Carlos is currently a student at Integrity School in Reynosa, Mexico. While at ServantU, Carlos participated in the worship track offered and the Developing a Christian Mind course. Apart from his studies at Integrity School, Carlos enjoys playing the guitar.

"I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to take the worship and DCM courses here. I came to ServantU for the opportunity to see DBU. Now, I hope to study here one day. ServantU was fun, interesting, impactful, and blessed me greatly. During one of the sessions, the pastor talked about brokenness and self-reliance. I can personally relate those topics to experiences that I have gone through in Mexico. I can confidently say that God has been with me all this time."

Jose Ozuna

Jose is originally from the United States but is currently studying at Integrity School in Reynosa, Mexico. Jose enjoys studying math and science, playing basketball, and playing chess. Jose plans to one day study math or science at the collegiate level.

"Other people's high opinions of DBU got my attention. After spending a week here, I would love to come to DBU; it is such a friendly environment. We played volleyball with some older students and they were very friendly.

ServantU was a great opportunity to grow not just in my studies but in my relationship with God. It helped me form a different view on the world. I was taught to view my life as not just my own plans but give meaning and purpose to my life through Jesus Christ. I felt peace during the chapel services. During worship, I was able to sit back and think about different things in my life and how to ask God for peace. I feel as if I got a lot of answers to the questions I had coming into this week."

Erik Arriaga

Erik is currently a student at Integrity School in Reynosa, Mexico. While at ServantU, Erik chose to participate in the medical track offered as well as the Developing a Christian Mind course. In his free time, Erik enjoys playing chess, studying science, and playing basketball.

"DBU is so big! It has a beautiful view and is a beautiful school. I would like to go to DBU and study medicine in the future. I love to learn about science and read books about anatomy.

My favorite part about ServantU was going into the Dallas community and playing with children during our service time. Now that ServantU has come to a close, I feel more at peace. I know that I can change parts of my life to develop a deeper relationship with God going forward."

Alejandro Teruel

Alejandro is a student at Academia Los Pinares in Honduras and attended ServantU after being encouraged to come by his high school counselor. In the future, Alejandro desires to pursue a career as a cardiologist.

"I feel grateful for the opportunity I had to be here. Before coming here, I felt kinda lost. When I came to ServantU, I felt the presence of God. I especially enjoyed worship; it truly moved me. The team played really great songs and when the teacher taught, it really impacted me. I was not bored a single second here. I would recommend attending ServantU because it not only helped me spiritually, but it was a lot of fun!"

Written by Emmalie Ellis

Emmalie Ellis writes for the University Communications department at Dallas Baptist University.