Bridging the Gap Between Business and Faith: DBU Welcomes Dr. Cicely S. Jefferson as Assistant Professor of Business Law

Dr. Cicely Jefferson photo

"The call to educate others requires humility," explains Dr. Cicely Jefferson. "Although your title may be that of teacher, you must be humble enough to become the student. I view education as a mutual exchange of information, ideas, and experiences that ultimately provide us with the knowledge to be successful in our respective callings and careers."

The bridge between faith and education is built and strengthened by individuals who are unwilling to compromise on their beliefs, their values, and their love for learning. In order to truly be the change this world needs, students need leaders whose deep-rooted love of God is constantly working in tandem with their dedication to pursue and provide quality education. It is professors like Dr. Jefferson that bridge the gap and bring the mission of DBU to life.

Dr. Cicely Jefferson may be a recent addition to the Dallas Baptist University full-time team, but she is no stranger to the DBU Family. Prior to accepting her role as Assistant Professor of Business and Public Law in January, Dr. Jefferson had served as an adjunct professor in the College of Business. Dr. Jefferson's education and experience before her arrival at DBU speaks for itself and showcases what a valuable asset she is to the College of Business.

Dr. Jefferson obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Public Affairs & Administration from the University of Oklahoma. She then earned her Master of Business Administration and went on to earn a Doctor of Jurisprudence from Texas Tech University. Finally, Dr. Jefferson attended Dallas Baptist University, where she obtained her Ph.D. in Leadership Studies.

In addition to her extensive education, Dr. Jefferson has acquired significant legal experience, as well as years of church ministry leadership. Dr. Jefferson has over 15 years of litigation experience and is a dynamic communicator. She has served as Assistant District Attorney at Dallas County District Attorney's Office, Assistant Regional Counsel for the Social Security Administration, and Attorney Advisor for Transportation Security Administration. Dr. Jefferson also spent the last 7 years serving as the Connections Pastor at Concord Church in Dallas.

Throughout her time at DBU, Dr. Jefferson has taught MANA 3308 Business and Public Law and MANA 4341 Negotiations in Management.

"The business and legal sector is in desperate need of Christian professionals who represent high moral and ethical standards," Dr. Jefferson states, "while also possessing the skills, knowledge, and abilities to meet the demands of these industries."

Dr. Jefferson's unique vantage point—from the courtroom, to the church, and now in the classroom—allows her to steward this calling in a way few others can. And her drive for combining excellence and grace in every setting serves as a model for DBU students and a generation of future servant leaders.

"Teaching is a high calling because it involves influence and a willingness to serve others in a myriad of ways," Dr. Jefferson says. "We live in a society that is consumed with being famous and making a name for oneself. Consequently, several of those in the business and legal fields have compromised their ethics and moral values for the sake of monetary gain and notoriety. Therefore, I believe it is critical to our mission at DBU that we teach students that they can achieve success in business and law without compromising their ethics and moral values."

Written by Emmalie Ellis

Emmalie Ellis writes for the University Communications department at Dallas Baptist University.