Commissional Corner: August 2021

Aaron and his son in Korea

Seoul in all of its hustle and lights can be a very exciting and energetic place. For many tourists, visiting the affluent district of Gangnam or the beautiful Korean palace of Gyeongbokgung displays the perfect mixture of traditional and modern, old and new. Behind the flashy lights and beautiful scenery, however, Aaron saw a different picture: Koreans bustling to and from their work or studies, lost in themselves and far from God. For Aaron, his cross-cultural studies gave him the insight he needed to see the spiritual needs of a people group who, for the most part, does not know God.

Aaron graduated with his dual MAGL and Master of Arts in Teaching degrees in May 2017. Throughout the program, the Lord pressed on his heart a love for the nations and for sharing the gospel through education. After graduating, Aaron moved to Korea with his wife and young son where he became an English professor at a local university. Throughout his time at the university, Aaron saw how much his students needed the Lord. Young Koreans today strive to be wealthy and successful, often without regard to where success and wealth comes from or what brings true happiness. "This tore at my heart," Aaron recalls as he contemplated the thousands of Koreans he taught. "My students didn't care for true fulfillment or joy, but they only cared about how much they had or earned. Many of them had no idea the fulfillment they could have from the Lord."

Studying in the MAGL degree perfectly situated Aaron to address these concerns in a Gospel-centered way. While teaching, he became involved in Korean refugee ministry and partnered with IMB missionaries to begin a Christ-focused English exchange program. "Many people don't really understand what it takes to live and do life and ministry overseas," Aaron said. "But my time in the MAGL program gave me the cross-cultural understanding to reach out authentically to my students."

Through the challenges of COVID, Aaron and his family felt led to return to DBU to pursue his Ed.D. in Educational Leadership at DBU. While studying at DBU, Aaron will also be working in the Graduate School of Ministry. "My time overseas and my time in the MAGL program have given me valuable insights that I know will help me in the future as I continue to engage the nations in the name of the Lord."

Written by The Graduate School of Ministry

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