DBU's MSITM Program Leads The Way In Customer Experience

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In 2020, the DBU Master of Science in Information Technology Management (MSITM) program competed in the North American Customer Centricity Awards, one of the largest virtual customer experience knowledge sharing events in North America, hosted by Gongos, Market Culture, and Customer Institute. Earlier this month, the MSITM program competed in the Customer Centricity World Series, the ultimate competition to crown the most Customer Centric Organizations around the world, hosted by ARCET Global and CXPA.

Both the NACCA and CCWS take place completely online and require organizations and companies submit a 2,000 word written entry and present a 15-minute video presentation based on their previous case studies and are then evaluated and graded by world leading independent judges.

At the NACCA, the DBU MSITM program competed against over 30 other organizations in 3 categories: Customer-Centric Culture, Best Customer Experience Strategy, and Customer Experience Professionals. DBU finished 8th in Customer-Centric Culture, 5th in Best Customer Experience Strategy, and 2nd in Customer Experience Professionals.

At the CCWS, DBU competed against over 50 other organizations in three categories: Customer-Centric Culture, Best Customer Experience Strategy, and Customer Experience Team. Overall, DBU finished 11th in Customer-Centric Culture, 13th in Best Customer Experience Strategy, and 7th in Customer Experience Team. The DBU MSITM program was the only university program to list both in North America and the world for these competitions.

DBU's leadership in the tech space and success in the field of customer experience is a product of thoughtful creative processes and disciplined execution from both staff and faculty as well as students. By employing holistic models, listening to feedback, and creating internal Student Experience metrics, the DBU MSITM program has excelled in providing a satisfying experience to its students.

"I believe that for true student experience it's the students who need to take the initiative, see through their lens, and get their buy-in towards what we do," says Sharon Gorikapudi, Program Director for the MSITM, who credits the success to the MSITM team along with the Graduate School at DBU. "We will look into the feedback, strive to improve in all areas, and if it is in the Lord's plan, be number one."
Written by Brooks Anthony

Brooks Anthony writes for the University Communications Department for Dallas Baptist University.