Master of Education Student Haley Briggs Receives B.E.S.T. Award

Haley Briggs Best Award

“I believe that I have been called to the field of education, and my goal is to pursue this calling with the utmost dedication to the Lord.”

Haley Briggs, a current Dallas Baptist University Master’s in Education student, was chosen by Texas Baptists as one of nine Baptist Educators Serving Texas, or B.E.S.T., Award recipients. Haley embodies the fruits of kindness, patience, and gentleness daily in her classroom, educating her students out of the deep love she has for the people God created. 

Haley graduated from DBU with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education in 2017. While pursuing this degree, Haley explains, “The experience and knowledge that I gained during my time of study in the College of Education has set me apart from others in many ways in regards to pedagogy and instruction, but most importantly, DBU taught me that teaching is a God-given calling and that I should treat it as such throughout every situation.” In the fall of 2020, Haley began her journey into DBU’s Masters in Curriculum and Instruction program.

Interestingly, Haley didn’t begin her time at DBU as an education major. In fact, when she came as a freshman, Haley was in the nursing program, aiming to begin a career in pediatric nursing after college. It wasn’t until Haley went on a mission trip to Corro, Venezuela, that she realized the calling the Lord had placed upon her life. In Corro, Haley was able to lead a Bible study within a youth camp. She says, “I remember having the freedom to think creatively and design engaging lessons that would make the material interesting to the students. After that trip, it was clear to me that working with children was, in fact, what the Lord had in store for me all along.” Soon after, Haley joined DBU’s College of Education, where she finished her undergraduate degree.

Since she graduated in 2017, Haley has been teaching and gaining experience in the classroom. She currently serves at Oak Woods School in Granbury, Texas, where she teaches fourth grade English Language Arts and Reading. Haley says, “as a Christian, I view my classroom as a mission field,” and even though she may not be able to openly share the Gospel in her public school, she strives to “plant seeds by demonstrating Christ-like character throughout everyday activities.” In her classroom, she does her best to cultivate relationships that positively influence everyone with whom she comes into contact. “My faith in Christ directly impacts the way I treat my students and their families, and my prayer is that God will use these relationships for His glory.”

Outside of the classroom, Haley continues to live out her faith with a servant’s heart. Haley teaches fourth and fifth grade Sunday school at Lakeside Baptist Church in Granbury regularly. She also uses her time off mostly as an opportunity to lead Vacation Bible Schools in Central and South American countries. She says, “last year, I was able to lead a professional development seminar for teachers in Juarez, Mexico, and this experience caused me to begin my graduate studies in Curriculum and Instruction.” The Lord continues to work through and reveal Himself to Haley, just as He did years ago on her mission trip to Venezuela.

Daily, Haley lives a life of intentionality, beautifully displaying what it means to be a B.E.S.T. award recipient. Haley’s prayer going forth in her career is this: “that the Lord uses my influence in children’s lives to plant seeds of faith that would later flourish into a relationship with Christ and that they would one day have the courage to share their faith with others.”

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Written by Emmalie Ellis

Emmalie Ellis writes for the University Communications department of Dallas Baptist University.