DBU Establishes New Hispanic Student Union

Hispanic Student Union

"A saying that has resonated with me,” says Robert Vasquez, inaugural president of DBU's recently established Hispanic Student Union, "is ‘ni de aquí, ni de allá,’ which translates as ‘neither here, nor there.’ As Hispanic-Americans, we are caught between two completely different cultures and sometimes it feels like we don’t really have a place where we fit in. A goal of the Hispanic Student Union is to create a home for students who feel out of place and that they can be proud of who they are and where their roots come from.”

It has been the long-time vision of Dr. Adam C. Wright that DBU becomes a leader among higher education institutions in Texas that are raising up Hispanic Christian leaders to serve the church, community, and the world. This year, that vision became a reality with the establishment of the Hispanic Student Union, a student-led organization that provides social connection and servant leadership for the University’s growing Hispanic student population.

"Each time the students get together there is a vibrant spirit, and it is evident that our Hispanic students are eager to connect to other students they can relate to culturally,” says David Reyes, DBU’s Director of Student Affairs and a staff sponsor for the organization. Along with Reyes, Ana Moreno, Secretary in the College of Math and Natural Sciences, and Ariel Banda, an Undergraduate Admissions Counselor, serve as staff sponsors.

"We have also had several students who are not Hispanic join the HSU just to be able to engage in the culture and in the events,” continues Reyes, as he describes the organization’s goal of helping spread appreciation for Hispanic heritage throughout the campus. Along with engaging social events and informative workshops, members of the organization will also have the opportunity to serve as ambassadors for DBU at the annual Congreso Conference and Hispanic Baptist Convention.

"Hispanic Culture means fellowship, family, sincerity, joy, unity, and integrity to me – not to mention, the cuisine is just as rich as the cultural elements,” adds Cendy Sánchez, who serves as HSU vice president. "It’s amazing that DBU is fostering an environment for students to learn about this culture while creating a home for others.

Written by Dr. Michael Whiting

Dr. Michael Whiting is the Director of Written Content in University Communications at Dallas Baptist University.