DBU Patriette Reflects on God's Faithfulness


I must admit, as I reflect on these past four years as a DBU Patriette, I'm finding it difficult, to sum up, my experience. Each year overflows with lessons learned, memories made, and most importantly, sanctification. In April of 2016, I arrived on University Hill for tryouts, eager for the opportunity to continue dancing in college. I was a cultural Christian, puffed up with the knowledge I possessed, and entertaining the expectation that I would be joining a group of girls who loved the Lord, but not as much as they loved to dance. Little did I know, when the roster came out with my name on it, the Lord would use my time as a Patriette to transform my life.

During my freshman year, through the community I found within Athletics and Patriettes, God was faithful to root out sin and idols I had been harboring for years. My teammates became my accountability and held me to a standard of righteousness while simultaneously extending grace. They embodied the gospel to me before I truly understood it. One of the most consistent Christ-like examples God provided me was my coach, Brittni Bean. Brittni exuded humility, seeking the will of the Father as she faithfully led us. Her genuine pursuit of Jesus encouraged and challenged me to do the same. Though my freshman year was difficult, the Lord was again faithful to break down my false ideologies and replace them with the truth.

As a Patriette, I was fortunate to have many opportunities such as dancing at University events and competing at the NDA Collegiate Nationals in Florida. However, my favorite highlight was our mission trip to Northern England through the Global Sports Mission Initiative. In January of 2017, we partnered with local schools in Middlesbrough and York to engage kids through dance. Through this trip I saw God work in the hearts of young English kids, planting gospel seeds, while also working in my heart, humbling me to understand how dance can be used to build the Kingdom and glorify him.

Over the course of my time on the team, the expectation I had coming in was completely turned on its head. I did not join a group of girls who loved the Lord but loved dance more, I instead joined a group of women who were deeply in love with the Lord and used their giftings to praise him. This year, our Christmas Show theme was "God of the Hills and Valleys" and I can think of no better theme to close out my final year than God's faithfulness. Reflecting back, it's clear to see that He was faithful in the highs and lows and in sanctification. And I know He will continue to be faithful. While I am heartbroken that my senior season abruptly came to an end due to the surrounding circumstances, I am clinging to the hope that Jesus is still on the throne and the faithfulness of the Lord will continue through this valley, just as it has for the past four years.

Written by Mackenzie Lohnes

Mackenzie Lohnes is a student at Dallas Baptist University.