DBU Alumnus, Former MLB Player Starts Career in Education

Michael Smith
Michael Smith, Former DBU Baseball Player

After a five-season career with the Los Angeles Angels, DBU Alumnus Michael Smith decided to pursue his Master of Education in Kinesiology. Desiring to leverage his skills to equip younger students, Smith began a position as teacher and coach at Lake Ridge High School in Mansfield Independent School District after completing his degree in May 2018.

Smith stated, "I just completed my first year of teaching and coaching at Lake Ridge High School in Mansfield ISD. I taught World Geography and Economics, and coached freshman football and varsity baseball. I enjoy the opportunity every day to help my students navigate their way through problems and seeing them grow through adversity. Through a life spent playing baseball, I have learned that every event requires a response that ultimately creates the outcome. I enjoy getting to teach my students how to respond appropriately to events in their lives so that they may have the desired outcomes."

When asked why he chose DBU, he replied, "I found DBU through a friend of mine in high school. From the first time I stepped on campus as a sophomore in high school, I knew DBU was home. I was fortunate enough to fulfill my dream and play baseball for DBU from 2009-2013. I was drafted in the 2013 MLB draft and spent five seasons in the LA Angel's organization. I returned home to DBU in 2017 to complete my graduate degree in education." He further stated, "Attending DBU was the best decision I ever made. By the Lord's grace, I was given the opportunity to attend a university that loved on, cared for, and prayed over their students regularly."

Smith shared, "The greatest thing the DBU education program taught me was the importance and value of developing genuine and meaningful relationships with the students. The education program also taught me the importance of being prepared daily for class."

Written by The Graduate School of Education