MAGL Alum now IEP Instructor at DBU

Russel Chun is standing in front of a set of windows smiling.

DBU Alumnus Russel Chun graduated with an M.A. in Global Leadership and Theological Studies in 2017 and now serves as the Resource Coordinator for World Relief in Fort Worth.

As Resource Coordinator, Chun ministers to thousands of refugees in the Metroplex. In this role, he paves the way for current DBU students to share the Gospel of Christ with people from Burma, Bhutan, Nepal, Rwanda, Eritrea, Afghanistan, and a number of other countries.

Chun’s experience as an instructor in DBU’s Intensive English Program (IEP), as well as his background as a missionary in Hungary, equipped him to pioneer World Relief’s English acquisition and citizenship classes. He has created curriculum, recruited and managed teachers, and taught refugees.

He has also established monthly children outreach initiatives, created a bread distribution program, and forged internship opportunities for DBU students.

Chun’s connections with DBU remain strong as he continues to teach IEP. DBU international students have become some of the most devoted volunteers at his monthly children refugee outreaches, playing soccer with the kids and doing crafts, as well as singing and sharing Bible stories.

“No longer does international missions mean traveling to the other side of the world,” Chun explained. “God has brought the 10-40 window right to our back door. People from all over the world have come to DBU to learn English, and then God turns around and uses them to reach the unreached people of the world right in Fort Worth! Only God could come up with a plan like this.”

Written by The Graduate School of Ministry

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