PPE Student Interns in Spain

Corinna sits on a fountain in a Spanish garden

A central Texas native, Corinna Keck, is known for her bold faith, exemplifying diligence, and risk-taking attitude. A few years ago, Corinna began searching online for internships abroad and came upon an internship in Spain with which she fell in love. A far-fetched dream of traveling and learning about other cultures soon became a reality for Corinna as she currently is interning in Spain with Spanish Trails, a marketing and management travel agency.

One of the most impacting things for Corinna so far has been the amount of responsibility she has received from Spanish Trails. Corinna began, “I didn’t want the fear of failing to keep me from producing great work…. I did not expect to be given so much responsibility so quickly, so that has been a blessing. I asked for the opportunity to work, and the Lord provided me with a job that gives me many things to do. So far, this internship has exceeded my expectations.”

Corinna’s strong work ethic shines brightest when she is pushed out of her comfort zone. As a PPE major, Corinna isn’t exactly well-vested in the realm of marketing, but she has taken a constructive outlook on it. “Working at a travel agency may not directly correlate with my PPE degree,” she said, “but it is, no doubt, teaching me things that will be beneficial in any area of workforce that I may enter.”

Work, such as writing blogs, conducting research in a language she is not yet fluent in, and transferring website data has all stretched her in new ways. “These things do not correlate with my degree directly,” she explained, “but doing these tasks helps grow my knowledge in areas that would otherwise be unknown to me.”

Corinna summed up her time in Spain with a few words and gives any potential interns a few pieces of advice. “There are many unknowns,” she started, “but it is worth it, only because you are growing as a person in the midst of all the change. God does not call us to live easy, comfortable lives, but rather He has called us to live lives that cherish the opportunities presented to us, and we are to grasp them with confidence.”

Written by Anna Catherine Bradley

Anna Catherine Bradley is a member of University Communications at Dallas Baptist University.